From Oct. 1-4, IM Mastery Academy, an online education platform that offers academies on eCommerce and a variety of financial markets, held an IM Beyond event in Zurich. The event, a gathering of IM Academy educators, students, and independent business owners (IBOs), featured recognition ceremonies for exceptional achievements, as well as speeches from several IM Mastery Academy IBOs at the Academy’s chairman level. The keynote address at the event was delivered by Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CEO, who used the opportunity to spread his message of positivity and connection, as well as outline how IBOs can market the IM Mastery Academy product, and how students can utilize the educational resources the product offers.

For Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy is a way to connect individuals dedicated to pursuing education and empowering others. This message was heard loud and clear at the Zurich event, where several speakers spoke on the importance of taking time and effort to cultivate their mindset, learn about financial markets, and understand the resources available at IM Mastery Academy.

“When you’re moving up the mountain, you’re going to have setbacks and people telling you ‘no.’ We have the ability to accept or reject these ideas,” said Terry. “I want to encourage you to reject this negative energy; push beyond limiting ideas and rebuke them. Do not allow negative thoughts and ideas to enter your mind. Protect your energy. Protect your mind.”

In addition, IM Beyond Zurich featured a women’s panel led by IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CFO Isis Terry.

Throughout the Zurich event, the focus was on cultivating a positive mindset, the power of education, and the Academy’s mission to provide access to information to anyone interested in learning more about financial markets and eCommerce.

About Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder And CEO

Christopher Terry

Christopher Terry was born in New York and began his career in the construction industry. In 2013, Christopher Terry founded IM Mastery Academy along with Isis Terry. Their goal was to provide resources that made financial education more accessible, and that students could study in a way that made sense for their individual lifestyles and aims.

Beginning with a focus on the foreign exchange (forex) market, the Academy has expanded to offer distinct curricula on topics such as digital currencies, e-commerce, scalping intraday exchange strategies, and the stocks and futures markets. All academies are designed in line with Christopher Terry’s vision for IM Mastery Academy as a source of both self-guided learning and online live mentorship opportunities. Students access readings and videos, and they meet with IM Mastery Academy educators via GoLive online discussion sessions.

Christopher Terry explains IM Mastery Academy’s approach in terms of his commitment to positive self-talk and drive, and to building relationships.

“It’s important that you’re willing to learn and accept change. You need a foundation of self-growth in order for this process to not just be temporary,” said Terry in a recent Instagram post.

In another post, Terry explained: “Good business is often a sign of good relationships. You see, many business relations are built on trust, loyalty, and communication. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

What’s Next For IM Mastery Academy

Christopher Terry

In his role as CEO of IM Mastery Academy, Christopher Terry continues to focus on expanding the Academy’s services and resources, as well as connecting with new students. He recently completed a European tour, and IM Mastery Academy launched two new financial education academies — TBX and SFX — in 2022, along with launching the TLX travel and lifestyle experience membership program and developing IMPulse, a proprietary scanner that analyzes market movement and momentum.

And in Zurich, Christopher Terry launched IM Mastery Academy’s newest membership option: the IMpowered Bundle. This program was designed to provide IM Mastery Academy students with more flexibility; it enables them to bundle any two of the Academy’s programs at a discount, then add additional programs as desired at a similarly discounted rate. When members decide to utilize the IMpowered Bundle, they receive access to all of the apps, strategies, and scanners associated with the bundled programs, as well as access to the GoLive package of their choice.

Christopher Terry

As IM Mastery Academy continues to grow, this option to bundle Academies at a reduced price could help introduce more students to the financial markets they wish to study while reducing their membership costs.

Christopher Terry and IM Mastery Academy will also look to continue to host in-person events with the hope of fostering networking opportunities and spreading inspiration to individuals involved with the Academy. There are already IM Mastery Academy events planned to be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Orlando, Florida, in 2023.

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Note: IM Academy is an educational forum that provides generic information related to markets and strategies. IM Academy does not provide personalized recommendations or investment advice.

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