It’s not a question of if you should use a review management software, but when. In any business, online reviews are a crucial part of your marketing strategy; they help customers make more informed decisions and improve the customer experience.

But managing reviews is no easy task—there’s a lot to consider when choosing an ideal system for your company and its needs.

In this post, we’ll explore some best practices for using review management software as well as some of the features that might be important to consider before making your choice.

Tips To Use Review Management Software Properly

Get Your Employees Involved

Review Management Software

To make sure your employees are using the review management software correctly, it’s important to train them on how to respond to reviews.

This will help ensure that they have a uniform response when responding to a Google business review and that all responses are positive and helpful.

You can also train your employees in the best practices for reviewing other businesses on third-party review sites like Yelp.

Customize Your Software

review management software

Customizing your review management software is essential to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Many businesses don’t consider customizing their software until after they’ve installed it, which can negatively affect the success of their review monitoring program.

By customizing your software, you can ensure that it works for you and not against you. A few key areas where customization can help:

  • Business goals—customization gives you unprecedented flexibility to tailor the platform to meet your company’s specific needs and objectives;
  • Employee engagement—customers are more likely to provide honest feedback if they know it will be used by higher-ups in the company;
  • Customer service—customers want to feel like they’re being listened to by someone who cares about them as people (not just as customers). Tailoring reviews so that they include personal details, like names or preferred communication methods, helps build rapport with customers while also making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Consider A Solution That Includes Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is another important tool to consider when picking a review management software. As customers post reviews on their favorite social media platforms, they can be identified by the platform’s API and added to your database.

You can use this information to automatically monitor negative reviews and respond accordingly or identify positive reviews that need rewards with coupons or other incentives.

Social media monitoring also helps you get feedback from customers on how well your business is doing and what it needs to improve—a valuable resource for any business owner looking to improve operations.

Focus On Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority when it comes to review management. Review management software can help you manage customer reviews, respond to them, and even monitor and respond to them on social media.

But the most important thing is that the software helps you measure the impact of your efforts—so you know how much work your team is putting in, where they need more training, or what changes might lead to better results.

A good review management program provides analytics so businesses can track everything from sales increases after an increase in positive reviews (or decreases after an increase in negative ones) down to individual trends for each employee and overall performance metrics.


At the end of the day, you should be focusing on helping your customers and clients find the best product for their needs. This means providing them with accurate information about what you offer and how it will benefit them.

Your review management software shouldn’t be a tool for suppressing negative reviews or trying to get more positive ones at all costs—it should be used to improve customer service so that everyone is satisfied with their experience with your company.

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