Each year there is over $600 billion USD is sent around the globe via money transfer, and Ria Money is one of the market leaders in delivering these transfers for those who send them. This is a company that started off small and in just under 3 decades has gone on to become one of the market leaders in what is a competitive sector. Here we will be looking at how the Ria app for international transfers and its website is delivering consistently for its clients, and what benefits customers can expect when they use this service.

Everything About Ria Money Transfer

Humble Beginnings

ria money

Back in 1987, the very first Ria store was born, in New York City with a commitment to its customers that they would safely and securely transfer their money to family and friends back home. After some steady growth, the company began to open its doors in European countries like France, Spain, and the UK among others, continuing to deliver great service to its customers. In 2007 the company was acquired by electronic payment specialists Euronet Worldwide, which was when things really took off for the business.

Switching To The Web

Switching To The Web

The approach which helped companies like Ria to eat up market share was to switch to online transfers, which the company did in 2012, launching its website. This made life easier for customers who could simply use the site to arrange international transfers. This move has helped the company grow to where it is now, operational in over 160 countries with some 500,000 locations around the world.

What Ria Does Differently

There were so many obstacles in the way that money was transferred in the past, which was something that customers simply had to accept. Slow transfer times, expensive fees, and poor currency conversion were all part and parcel of sending money around the world. Ria Money, however, wasn’t satisfied with this and that is why they have emerged as industry leaders.

Ria now offers some of the lowest fees on the market, they have competitive currency conversion rates, and most importantly, they understand the need for speed. This has been further cemented thanks to the convenient app which the company offers customers, who can transfer money on the go to their friends and family back home.

Transparency And Service


Ria Money understands that simply getting customer’s money to its destination is not enough, and they have gone to extra lengths to ensure that they offer the finest service. They are able to deliver this thanks to the transparency which they offer, enabling users to track their transfers and ensuring that they have a high-level customer service team in place to take care of any issues which may arise.

Given the quality and the efficiency of the service which Ria Money Transfer is able to deliver for its clients, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the biggest money transfer companies in the world.

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