If you’re looking to grow your company, you may consider paying for Google ads. Read the guide below to learn all about these ads and if they’re worth it.

What Are Google Ads?

What are Google Ads

Since the 17th century, businesses have used advertisements to gain new customers. Today, internet advertising is a significant way to reach a broad audience.

Google offers two types:

1. Search Network

  • The Google Search Network offers advertisements that show up in search results.

2. Display Network

  • The Google Display Network offers advertisements that show up on third-party sites that have partnered with Google.

How To Buy Google Ads

How to Buy Google Ads

You may be unsure how to go about buying these ads. But, the process is simple. Plus, you can always find a digital agency to take care of your Google ads management. Read below to learn how to buy these ads.


Google sells advertisements through an auction system focused on keywords. A company chooses a list of words to target.

Then the business bids on these keywords. Companies base these bids on how much they want to pay for someone to click on their ad.

Google determines what advertisements to show on search results by looking at these bids and each ads’ Quality Score. When a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays a certain amount, known as the cost per click.

Quality Score

Google determines an ad’s Quality Score. This score rates the quality and relevance of an ad.

Your score will depend on:

  • Your click-through rate
  • How relevant your keywords are to your target audience
  • The quality and relevance of your landing page
  •  How relevant your ad text is
  • Your previous Google Ads account performance

Cost Of Google Ads

You may wonder how much this advertising will cost you. Generally, companies spend between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on this advertising.

Cost Per Click

But, what about the cost per click? For an ad run through the Search Network, you’ll typically pay between $1 and $2 when someone clicks on your ad.

An ad through the Display Network will cost you even less per click. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you’ll pay below a dollar.

Return Of Investment

But, what about the return on your investment? These ads have a high return rate. Typically, you’ll get $8 for every dollar you spend.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

So, are these ads worth it? Yes, and here’s why:

Quick Results

As soon as your campaign is approved, you can start receiving traffic. Other marketing methods take months to show results. With Google, you can start reaching new customers right away.

No Contract

Google doesn’t require you to commit to a contract. This feature means that your money won’t be tied-up in marketing. Plus, you can adjust how much you’re spending at any time. And if you decide you don’t want to pursue these advertisements anymore, you can cancel hassle-free.

Unlimited Target Audience

web marketing strategy

Google offers millions of keywords to bid on, and this list expands every day. You can keep bidding on more keywords to increase your traffic.

Extensive Analytics

Google has analytics built into their software. This feature means that you can see how your campaign is going and whether you should make changes.

These analytics provide information on:

  • The average cost per clicks
  • The advert position
    • Advert position means where your ad is ranked compared to other ads.
  • The conversion rate


Buying ads through Google is a great way to grow your business. This advertising strategy offers extensive benefits and a high return rate. These ads are an excellent way to help your company grow.

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