The world has seen a surge in economic activity recently, giving a rise to newer business models. Even the younger population is embarking upon executing small business ideas for teens.

In the current 21st century, teens, or young people, are said to be the most entrepreneurial generation to ever exist. Globalization, access to technology, self-sufficiency, and ease of doing business are some of the many factors influencing the youth toward initiating their own start-ups.

A recent research study conducted by Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young LLP showed 41% of teens have considered entrepreneurship. This is an encouragingly high number.

There is an abundance of small business ideas for teens in this day and age. Teenagers will find this very useful, as this article will delve deep into everything there is to know about small business ideas for teens.

If you are a teen, and you are looking for small business ideas for teens to apply your entrepreneurial skills, you should not be worried since the possibilities are endless. You can follow our small business ideas for teens, or formulate your own unique idea; this is why ideas are so individualistically wonderful.

Following are some of the famous, proven to be successful, small business ideas for teens.

Let’s start small business ideas for teens with some creative business ideas.

Creative Business Ideas

The years of your youth should know no creative boundaries. It is highly advised to apply your creativity in your business. Creative business ideas are known to stand out and are extremely successful on most occasions.

We have prepared some creative business ideas for you, however, creativity is a personal trait. You can always be creative in your unique way as well.

The Internet Is Your Friend

The Internet Is Your Friend

The reason why online business ideas are some of the most advantageous small business ideas for teens is that they are easy to operate. You can be an entrepreneur while in college or school, running your business from your phone.

The internet has made the billionaires of today, such is its power. Use it to your benefit, and be creative in the process.

Ever heard of YouTube? As silly as this question is, you can still learn a lot from it. Everyone knows about the “number one video streaming platform”. YouTube allows you to show your creativity to the entire world through your channel, and you can make a critically successful business out of it.

Making videos that stand out from the crowd, or mastering your favorite niche, on Youtube, will go a long way for you.

Other than YouTube, you can apply your online creative business ideas in several other ways too. You can offer creative services on online freelancing platforms, such as doing voiceovers, graphic designing, creative writing, and more. Basically, through freelancing platforms, you are provided with a golden opportunity to create a successful online business through creative talent.

Create Your Local Area’s Guide

Enlighten tourists or newbies with a creatively stunning guide of your hometown. Whether it’s an app, a newsletter, or even an old-school pirate map, you can attract a huge audience.

You can add easter eggs to your town, making it far more interesting from the perspective of visitors. Adding lesser-known, more interesting landmarks according to different types of visitor categories can be a good unique selling point as well.

Become An Author

Become An Author

Let’s face it, everyone has tons of free time during college and high school. You can use this free time to author a book. The topic of the book can be anything you are passionate about or something that resonates with you as a person.

Creative writing, mixed with a topic that you are passionate about, can yield great results and admiration for you. Who knows, you can become the next J. K. Rowling.

Open Your Own Travelling Agency

Familiar with the tourist attractions in your region, or even your country? If your answer is yes, you can arrange tourist groups, providing these tourists with vacation packages.

You can add creativity into the mix by showing them places that are not commonly visited by the general public. Other than simple tours, you can arrange beautiful destination weddings as well.

By doing this, you can become a destination tourist guide, as well as a wedding planner. This can prove to be a highly successful, and part-time business opportunity for you because tourism is usually an expensive service, and it is seasonal.

Thinking about taking on social media for small business ideas for teens? Let’s see what are your available options.

Instagram Business Ideas

Instagram Business Ideas

Today’s teens crave social media. They just simply can not live without it. Instagram, perhaps the most popular and widely regarded social media platform, is without a doubt on every teen’s smartphone.

Many small business ideas for teens stem from Instagram because the highly popular social media platform has garnered immense success, providing the people who do business on it with vast masses of potential consumers.

There are plentiful Instagram business ideas; some of which are:

Making Your Store

Amongst all Instagram business ideas, this is perhaps the most widely utilized. There are hundreds of thousands of store accounts on Instagram which sell a multitude of products. This is one of the best small business ideas for teens because of its ease of entry, and wide audience.

If you are talented in painting, you can commission your artwork from your art store account. If you have a good choice of clothing and are familiar with the latest trends, you can start a clothing store.

The possibilities are endless. Through creative marketing, you can do wonders by becoming quite successful.

Become An Influencer

Also one of the most widely used small business ideas for teens, this is an interesting and fun hobby turned into a business. It’s your choice in keeping it part-time or being fully committed to it.

Either way, the possibilities of attaining success after becoming an influencer are endless. People turn themselves into a brand, making it an extremely potent marketing strategy for their brand. You can easily find several sponsors once you gain a healthy following as well.

You can do all of this just by creatively documenting your experiences through interesting posts on your Instagram account.

This unique opportunity allows you to have fun along with building a healthy following, eventually helping you earn by just posting on your account.

Meme Page

There is a great scale of vastness when it comes to small business ideas for teens. We all know that teens were the ones who revamped and revolutionized the meme culture that we are so familiar with today.

Memes are a daily part of our lives now. You can take advantage of this meme-dependence by making a meme account. Add the most latest, trending, and hilarious memes to your account.

Meme accounts on Instagram reach great heights, having millions of followers. Through this popularity, they make money from advertisements and sponsored posts on their account by various businesses.

This is an easy, reliable, and fun way of running a business.

Food Business Ideas

Food Business Ideas

The food industry has always been, and will always remain, highly sought after. Why is this so? The simpler answer is that people love food; always have and always will.

Small business ideas for teens almost always include various food business ideas. This is because smaller, more convenient food places mostly possess elevated chances of success.

The main advantage is that small food business ideas do not require a lofty investment expense; perfect for a teen.

Here are some interesting small food businesses which you can try out:

A Cute Little Cupcake Stand

Who doesn’t adore cupcakes? Cupcakes are loved by everyone. The good thing about cupcakes is that they are relatively lower-priced, attracting many customers. You can sell cupcakes inside your university, or neighborhood, on a cart or a stand that is delightful in appearance.

Customize your cupcakes by making them aesthetic, and introduce a wide range of flavors. People love to buy cupcakes which means you can turn around high profits from relatively low investment.

Organic Food

Organic food shops will never go out of fashion. This is because there is an increasing movement away from processed foods, toward organic alternatives. People are becoming highly conscious regarding their diets.

An organic food shack, made from classic wood and nails, is bound to attract customers. On top of that, investment is low; perfect for teens.

Food Blogs

Food is a highly searched, and popular topic in the blogging world. Every day, thousands of blogs are written on topics relating to food.

You can start your part-time food blog. The advantages are plenty: you can start it instantly, you can target a specific niche, minimum investment required, and more.

The best thing about starting your food blog is that you are your own boss. You can either keep it highly part-time or get seriously attached to it, making it a semi-full time job.

The advantage of blogging is the tremendous potential of earning a significant amount of money. If your blog gets many hits, you can become quite well-off.

Juice Shop/Cart

A juice shop is very common and not extremely interesting, is it? The answer is a big no. juice shops, if done the right way, can be a truly worthy spectacle to invest in.

You need to decorate your juice shop exquisitely, using boisterous colors and imagery of fruits. Try not to go over and beyond when designing your juice shop. By juice shop, we mean a juice cart.

If you keep it visually pleasing and offer a menu with interesting names such as ‘strawberry firecracker’, you will surely get a lot of customers.

Other than that, branding is important too. Use signs such as sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and so on,

Unique Cleaning Business Ideas

Unique Cleaning Business Ideas

When it comes to small business ideas for teens, it doesn’t get any more relatable than a cleaning business. Teenagers are often involved in the cleaning business due to the easy money it has to offer, and little to no risk at all.

Cleaning businesses provide an extremely essential service, hence they are crucial. Their importance in society is underestimated to a great extent.

However, teens can incorporate these unique cleaning business ideas to take their business to the next step.

Expand Your Services For More Work Opportunities

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you unable to turnover enough revenue to justify your cost? In simpler words, are you able to pay your employees on time? If the answer to these questions were affirmative, it is high time that you adopt unique cleaning business ideas such as expansion.

The conventional services offered by every cleaning company are outdated and slacking in nature. It is time to increase the scale of your service. Through this, you will be able to offer more services which will result in increased work and a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Apart from just cleaning the house and rolling the vacuum cleaner on the carpet, you should propose to your client to provide them with other services such as: cleaning their pool, disposing of their waste, cleaning their fleet of vehicles, cleaning their windows, or even cleaning their mattresses.

The abovementioned services are just a few from a whole plethora of services.

Other than cleaning in homes, you should look forward to diversifying your client base by cleaning at other relevant organizations as well. These include school cleaning and hospital cleaning.

Dirty Services Often Pay The Most

Gutter or sewerage cleaning is a highly in-demand service. Every city requires and feels the demand for gutter cleaners. The work is continuous because sewerage systems are to be kept operational every time, meaning more potential work for you.

This also is a good option, if you really need the money; since gutter cleaners are usually paid handsomely.

Moreover, there is little investment required for undertaking this service which is always a bonus.

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