The lead up to the festive period has started. As a manager, you might want to consider how this time impacts your staff members. A massive 88 percent of Americans say that the holiday season is the most stressful time of year. The extra expense of Christmas paired with mounting job-related pressures can make it hard for people to relax. For that reason, it’s important that you support your team members through this challenging period.

Chad Price, MAKO Medical Laboratories, is no stranger to this feat. Since the pandemic, the company has more than doubled in size. The healthcare entrepreneur is a natural born leader and understands how to support his employees’ mental wellness. In the following article, we will take a look at how he helps his staff combat holiday stress.

Help manage their workloads to reduce holiday stress

Employees in Holiday Stress

As we approach the festive period, workloads tend to grow. Oftentimes, managers are eager to tick things off before the end of the year comes. While this approach works in terms of productivity, it may be causing your staff members extra stress. Ensuring that each employee has enough time and resources to complete their tasks is a must. To fully understand the demands that have been placed on them, it is worth speaking to each team member and getting to grips with the workload that they currently have on their plate.

CEO Chad Price, MAKO Medical, always takes great measures to ensure that his team has adequate time to complete their tasks. When the pandemic hit, the workload at MAKO Medical Laboratories increased dramatically. The sudden demand for testing and medical research meant that the team needed to offer an increased output. At this point, Chad Price, MAKO Medical, scaled the team up, employing new professionals to help carry out the essential work. By making sure that each team had sufficient manpower, the leader allowed for a steady workflow.

Encourage a work-life balance

Work-life balance is more than just a buzz phrase. In recent years, it has become increasingly important for managers to help their staff members with this feat. The truth of the matter is that many people struggle to leave work at work. For example, professionals may find themselves checking their emails after hours or leaving the office later than they expected. Savvy managers know that everyone needs rest and relaxation when they are not on the clock. It is important that these leaders encourage staff to take some time out. Needless to say, as the holiday season approaches, this task becomes more pertinent.

At MAKO Medical Laboratories, there is a robust leave policy, allowing staff members to get the time off that they need. Whether that means taking a break to spend time with family over the holidays or taking a mental health day, it’s vital that employees have this level of flexibility. Since we all work so hard, taking some time to recover from the stresses of work can be a real game-changer. When staff members have had time out, they can come back to work feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to be productive once again.

Combat Holiday Stress

Limit those festive pressures

The holiday period can be expensive. Many professionals find it hard to cope with the demanding costs of the Christmas lead-up. One of the ways that managers can help relieve this stress is by not adding to the financial pressures. For instance, if there is a work meal planned, looking at the ways that the company can absorb the cost of it is key. Expecting employees to spend extra money on this type of event can add to their stress levels. Equally, if there is a party happening, this should not come at an extra cost.

Whenever you’re overseeing a group of people, it’s important to consider these factors. Managers have no way of knowing individual staff members’ financial restraints. That is why they should not presume that team members can afford certain things around the holiday period. When it comes to gift-giving or, indeed, secret Santa, managers should be wary of putting extra pressure on their employees. Looking for ways to keep the costs low makes a real difference and could help these staff members release holiday tension.

Look out for the signs of depression

Stress and depression run rife during the holiday period. While this is supposed to be a happy time for families to come together, it can also be a major source of anxiety for people. If you are managing a group of people, you need to be well-versed in the signs of depression. Noticing that one of your employees is struggling is the first step in supporting their needs. Whatever level you are, you may want to ask for specific training in this area. The better you can understand mental health, the better you can help your team members.

Employees Holiday Stress

At MAKO Medical Laboratories, CEO Chad Price always puts the mental and physical health of his team members first. Ensuring that the staff members have the help and advice that they need is a number one priority. The company values its staff and this shows at every level of the business. When one of the team is not feeling 100 percent, the management department is quick to offer them the support and resources that they need. As a manager, you have a duty to ensure that staff members are happy and healthy.


As we move toward the holiday period, managers should be on the lookout for any signs that their team is finding it hard to cope. Taking a conscientious approach to management means that each staff member gets the help and support that they need when they need it.

Chad Price, MAKO Medical, is a pro when it comes to this approach. However, you can emulate his behavior. Regardless of your current training, there are always ways that you can expand in this area. Looking into the available options within your company is a smart place to start. When you have explored them, you can better understand how to help and support the wider staff. Why not take a look at some of the options today?

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