Among the most valuable and important areas for any company is marketing. This provides additional quality to the company’s clients and customers. Additionally, it provides a boost for the employees of that company. For Krishen Iyer, there is more to the value of marketing, and that includes helping people become healthier.

As the owner of the new MAIS Insurance & Consulting, Iyer is taking the former MAIS Consulting to the next level. The new venture has its first round of funding already and is looking for a second round to continue its growth. The goal is to help more people receive access to low-cost insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Over the next year, the goal is for MAIS to become an industry leader with additional market share, and provide help and support for residents in 23 states. The company is fast-growing and quickly expanding what it will offer to anyone needing insurance. One of the reasons for its rapid growth is proper marketing.

Affordable Care Act Compliance Solutions

Building a Customer Base Takes Time

Affordable Care

Even for people who are looking for a particular product, finding the right company may take a while. That’s why Krishen Iyer markets everything he does so carefully. He knows people have choices, and wants to show them why to choose what he offers. Marketing gives information about products and services to potential customers. Without it, it’s easy to overlook even the best options, says Iyer.

As an entrepreneur based out of Carlsbad, CA, Iyer works diligently to improve the marketing of MAIS Consulting and other ventures. Now that MAIS is moving into the insurance industry, additional marketing will be necessary. Good marketing is generally one of the biggest ways that a company grows.

A large part of marketing a company well, says Krishen Iyer, is predicting what kinds of things will happen in the future. That’s not always an easy thing to do, and unforeseen changes can cause unexpected problems. A company may think it’s on the right track, but then something unplanned occurs. Making changes to the type of marketing the company is doing has to be addressed quickly.

According to many people in the consulting business, including Iyer, the business of prediction is currently very volatile. In other words, it’s not a good time to be in the business of prediction. The reason behind this is that prediction can be very unreliable when understanding a product’s or service’s true market.

Predicting interest incorrectly could mean a shortage of products or a lot of unneeded inventory. Incorrect predictions could also mean hiring too many people or not enough. That can cost the company a lot of extra money, or cause employees to become overworked. Krishen Iyer explains that there are also other ways that prediction can go wrong.

Companies Have to Give Customers What They Want

Understanding what customers really want is vital. If companies don’t give customers what they want, those customers will go to the competition. Businesses also have to be clear on what the market will bear. Even a great product or service won’t work if the market doesn’t want it or can’t support it.

A company’s reputation can get damaged if they don’t have enough of a product that’s in demand. The same can happen without enough people to provide a particular service. Customers get frustrated with those kinds of issues quickly. That’s why prediction is so important because it can help avoid these issues.

The quality of any prediction matters, and the marketing has to line up with the predictions, too. That combination has the potential to make or break a company and its forward motion. Krishen Iyer is dedicated to this focus, even though being in the prediction business isn’t always easy.

Affordable Care

This is a big part of the reason he has taken MAIS into the insurance industry and is working with the ACA. Since he owns MAIS Consulting, he already has good knowledge of marketing for companies. That helps him work with businesses that want to advance their goals.

But the customers are also very important, and Iyer sees that helping them get the insurance they need can change their lives for the better. When marketing and business advancements are done right, they provide big benefits for companies and customers at the same time.

Prediction Can Add Significant Value, Says Krishen Iyer

More people are back to work as the economy slowly improves, but a lot of people still don’t have everything they need for security. For many people, a missing piece of that puzzle is health insurance. The ACA only provides help for people who meet certain criteria, and signing up can become confusing. Iyer is looking to change that, and make getting proper insurance easier.

Krishen Iyer predicts that adding support for the ACA can add quality and value to people’s lives. That will help them do more, get needed care, and move forward with their lives. In turn, that will also help them interact with other businesses because they will have more ability to focus on other areas of life.

Finding the most accurate information about these customers’ needs is a big part of making predictions. Iyer and his team have to understand what people need most. Then he has to determine how best to provide that, while still building his business for the future. The intersection of what the company needs and what the customer wants is where Iyer aims to be.

Krishen Iyer Sees Concerns That Come With Prediction

Krishen Iyer understands that accurate consulting for companies is significant. Without proper consulting, the business may struggle to get ahead. But the consulting has to be based on a clear understanding of where the business already is, coupled with predictions for the future. Determining where the market is heading can be a big part of that.

For the ACA and health insurance, the market has been relatively steady for some time. However, that doesn’t mean the market has been a good one. Many people still don’t have insurance because they have few options in their area. Some people aren’t sure if they qualify, or don’t know how to get signed up.

Affordable Care

By changing what’s offered to people and giving them additional options, Iyer and MAIS Insurance & Consulting can change the game and improve lives. Predicting how to do that and whether it has value are both important, of course. But Iyer has significant experience with prediction and consulting already.

He’s currently using that experience and knowledge to do more for people who need insurance, and who want to understand the ACA and their options more clearly. Customers need to be comfortable with what they are being offered, and Krishen Iyer is working to help ensure that.

Seeing the Future is Never an Exact Science

Predicting months or years ahead is still difficult due to the economic and societal changes of the recent past. However, looking at the past and asking customers and companies about the future helps draw conclusions. According to Krishen Iyer, businesses and customers didn’t see a lot of the recent issues coming.

Because of that, people were unprepared for everything that took place. Now those same people are moving forward with a different mindset. Protecting them and giving them insurance and healthcare options is Iyer’s focus for the future.

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