Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are the hot new thing in urban real estate. They’re existing structures that can be converted into additional living spaces, often located on a home’s lot. If you own your property, they’re relatively easy to build an ADU using only minor alterations and minimal zoning requirements—and they can make a big difference in your bottom line. Before you reach out looking for the best ADU builders for the value, let’s learn why does your ADU cost justifies this purchase as an investment.

More living space

investing in an ADU

An ADU is a great way to add more living space to a property. You can build an ADU by hiring reliable ADU builders and use it as a guest house, home office, or in-law suite. Adding an additional living area to your property will increase the value of your home and provide more affordable housing options for family members or dependents.

Moreover, the cost of building and hiring ADU builders is relatively low compared to adding on a traditional second story. You can save money by using existing structures on your property, such as garages or sheds. This will also help you avoid the high materials and labor costs that come with building new structures.

Possibility to create additional income

When you rent out an accessory dwelling unit, it’s a great way to generate some passive income. In fact, many people build an ADU, turn it into rental properties, and use rental income as their primary source of income. This is a great way to help you save up money for retirement, pay off debt, or simply enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. You can also use the rental income from your ADU as an investment opportunity. It may be possible to rent out multiple units on your property and make more money by expanding your rental portfolio.

Improving property value

ADU Cost

Another benefit of ADUs is that they can help your property value. Not only do they create additional income, but they may also increase the value of your home. Buying a house is usually because you plan to live there for as long as possible. But when you’re ready to downsize or retire, selling your primary home can be hard—especially if the market has slowed down since you bought it and prices have dropped. With an ADU on your property, you’ll have an extra unit that can be rented out at any time for extra income—and potentially even cover some of the expenses associated with keeping up both properties.

This kind of investment will always be worth something—and when it comes time to sell either unit separately or together with other land surrounding them (if applicable), it will probably be easier than selling just one without any extra perks attached.

Easier care for elderly or disabled family members

ADUs are a great option for aging parents and disabled family members. If your elderly mother or father needs more care than you can provide, you can consider investing in an ADU to give them their own place to live. An ADU comes with many of the same benefits as having a separate apartment over your garage: privacy, independence, and convenience. But it also provides some additional benefits that make it ideal for those with health conditions or special needs.

build an adu in your property


Accessory dwelling units are a great way for you to make extra income on your property. They can also be used as a guest house, or even rent it out. The best part is that they are easy to build and don’t require any special permits or approvals from the city (as long as they meet size requirements). The best part? You can use one of the many plans available online and have it built in just a few days by ADU builders.

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