The only thing that’s constant in the world of industry is change, and today, much, if not most, of that change is driven by increasingly advanced IT solutions. The more sophisticated enterprise infrastructure software becomes, the more capable brands are of delivering a more personalized customer experience to their patrons.

You may feel like your IT systems will suffice because you’ve upgraded them within the past few years, but as fast as tech evolves, yesterday’s systems are today’s dinosaurs. Even small businesses that value simplicity as a core tenet of their business models aren’t exempt from the technological arms race.

Continue reading to learn why enterprises should reevaluate bringing 2020’s IT solutions into 2021

Data analytics has forever changed customer service.

One of the most exciting developments in information technology is using big data to gain actionable insights into how customers think and act. Companies even employ it to forecast changes in demand and the types of products and services people will want in the future.

The chances are that your company is already using data analytics to some degree. If your enterprise uses customer relationship management (CRM) software, you’re getting valuable information from your patrons, but many companies struggle with CRM integration.

What good is having a powerful CRM tool and not having the ability to integrate the data from it with your dashboard when working on the UI for your mobile app? You should expect custom data solutions that facilitate CRM integration and enhance ease of use for companies to have a large role in shaping the business world in 2021.

Call centers are switching from brick-and-mortar to virtual.

Data analytics is a recurring theme when it comes to IT developments to anticipate in 2021. When COVID-19 all but halted enterprise, many companies switched to remote operations to continue their business. Even call centers have gone remote.

The days of the customer support supervisor pacing the call center floor, peering over call center agents’ shoulders, are coming to an end. With Microsoft Dynamics call center software, call center solutions have ascended to a new plateau.

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful contact center software that promotes ease of use for call center agents and convenience for consumers. It utilizes automation to initiate customer support when patrons use your application. Microsoft Dynamics even allows customers to begin a live chat on your website or mobile app and seamlessly continue the conversation via phone call with the same agent.

Data visualizations are making raw data easier to interpret.

Another common issue that enterprises face when using big data is not being able to interpret their data. Data only becomes insights when you can understand it and wield it to your advantage.

Data visualization is one of the tools data scientists employ to turn raw data into something executives can use. Utilizing a graphing tool like Victory JS to enhance your React presentation allows you to share complex data in your presentations and not lose your audience. To learn more about how Victory JS with React technology work together to make graphing easier and data more interpretable, check out the EnderTech Blog.

Cybersecurity is more critical than ever.

Hackers are the 2021 version of cat burglars. Cybercrime is an enormous industry in its own right, and it hits small businesses and corporations for hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

Because of the pandemic, companies in all industries are doing more remotely than ever before. Many companies exist entirely virtually, which increases the impetus for cybercrime.

Holding data and entire enterprise infrastructures for ransom is one of the fastest-growing trends in cybercrime. Fortifying your IT systems with anti-ransomware software is the best way to prevent your company from falling victim to pirates and maintain your customers’ confidence.

As you can see, in 2021, companies should be looking to enhance how they use data, improve their customer support solutions, and secure their IT infrastructures against ransomware. One can only imagine what IT solutions 2022 has in store.

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