So you’re looking for a great photo editing app that can do a lot but doesn’t require a lot?

In short, you want a digital photo editing app that has a lot of features but doesn’t require much technical expertise. Is there a photo editing software out there that meets these requirements?

There’s quite a few, and in this guide we’ll share our top picks for you to consider. You can learn how to use them within a few minutes, and they’ll work for most photo editing tasks.

Here are our picks for the best app for photo editing:

Adobe Express

Adobe Express

You’ll seldom find a great photo editing app than Adobe Express. It’s great for isolating the object of your photo from the foreground, and also works well for creating graphics from scratch.

For example, if you’re looking for a free background remover, you’ll find that it’s easier to do with this app.

Adobe is known for its premium imaging apps that require technical expertise. Adobe Express offers a shift away from this. It has the same capabilities of other photo editing apps without having to learn technical skills.


This is a great app for editing photos and adding animations. If you want to make your photos look more interactive, you can use PhotoDirector’s AI technology for adding animation.

It’s also great for creating collages and creating special effects for your photos. It’s a free app and has a great community of users who can help you with your tasks.



If you mostly take photos on your smartphone, then you can use YouCam as your preferred photo editing app.

It works for iOS and Android devices and is great for cropping and performing basic edits on a photo. It can also enhance your photo if it wasn’t taken the way you wish!

For example, you can add stickers, emojis, and other special effects to your photos. You can even remove objects and even people from your photos if you wish!


This is the perfect photo editing app if you want to focus on adding filters and other effects to your photos. If you like posting photos on apps such as Instagram, this is a great option.

You can make your photo more aesthetic by increasing the light, white balance, or hue. You can also change the photos to black and white or sepia tones.

This is a great app for even professional photographers. It’s one of the easiest to master on this list.


Find the Professional Photographer’s Best App for Photo Editing

Now you can choose from this list to find the best app for photo editing and improve your images!

Without a doubt, Adobe Express is the best route for beginner and seasoned photographers. You can accomplish complex tasks without having to know any technical expertise. It’s great for adding filters, animations, and effects to your photos as well.

The other recommendations in our guide are great for basic photo editing and enhancing your photos.

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