Playing roulette can easily become confusing when you see people place their chips on various columns, and you have no idea what’s happening. You look on and wonder how they know what to bet on. Well, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. More importantly, the game is more favorable when you understand each bet you can make before you get to the roulette wheel. Now, let’s get to it.

The Betting Layout

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To have an in-depth knowledge of all the betting options you can make in roulette, you need to understand the ins and outs of the table layout. This is the layout right beside the roulette wheel. It is a replica of the wheel but a simplified version. There are 3 columns numbered 1–36 on the table layout. Depending on the roulette version you are playing, you will see either a single 0 or an extra 00 above the columns. This Roulette betting layout is where you place your chips to bet on your chosen number.

The Different Types Of Bets In Roulette

Aside from the inside and outside bets popular among roulette lovers, there are other bets you can make while playing the game. These bets cannot be placed on just any wheel. Consequently, we can refer to these as game-specific bets. Also, some casinos have special stakes you cannot place anywhere else. For now, we will focus on the more common roulette bets and how to place them.

Inside Stake

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To place an inside bet, you must deal with the numbers in the column. This means you can bet on the ball landing on any number from 0-36. You are allowed to bet on just one number or distribute your betting chips on a set of numbers. Inside stakes include the following:

  • The straight-up bet: Here, you place your wager on a single number to win.
  • The split bet: This involves dividing your wager between two numbers.
  •  The street bet: The street bet is a win for you once the ball lands on any three chosen numbers.

Outside Stake

In the outside stake, you’ll be placing your wager on sets of numbers or colors rather than a single number to win. There are a few options to choose from in this roulette bet type. You can wager on the outcome of odd or even numbers or the ball landing high or low.

Basket Bet

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The basket bet is not quite common among roulette players. This is because of the high-edge casinos have over players who choose this wager type. To place a basket bet, you must be playing American Roulette since its layout has the two zero segments you need to wager on the numbers you want.