In this modern digital business landscape, creating the bigger and better first impressions really matters the most and it is not only limited to your elevator pitch. There are several important digital web design trends that every business, small or large should actually know and follow. This will help them to meet with the complex requirements of web designing as well as that of the search engines and the users. 

People are too busy now and do not have more than a couple of seconds on a site. That is why the first impressions really matter.   

Research says that:

  • It only takes 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds to create an impression on a person’s mind and form an opinion regarding your website, your product and even building a trust.
  • It also says that the first impression of your website is probably the only impression that you will get a chance to make to tell the users about your business.

Now the question is how exactly you can make a good first impression about your business and at the same time make it last for a long time. 

Well, it is simple. You will need to:

This will make your business as well as your website stand out from the rest in the crowd making a better and longer first impression.

Care for web design

Well, this may lead to the next important question which is whether or not the web visitors really care about the web design. Yes, they very much do. In fact, research says that more than 75% of the users visiting find and rate the credibility of a website based on its design. 

That means it is paramount that you stay on top of the web design trends though it is not a very easy job to do, especially when you have other things to focus on just to make sure your business is run and operated successfully.

Get in touch with some of the best web design services New York to ensure that your website is created just as it is required and wanted by the users following the web design trends of 2019. Here are a couple of these design trends that will ensure that your visitors fall in love with your website and in turn with your business, at the first site. 

The video element

There is nothing much to explain that a set of pictures or a well-crafted video will create a much better impression than text, long or short. It is for this reason that internet in this modern world is becoming more and more a video graphic medium. In fact, it has already become one. 

Research says that:

  • Video has been showing its potential and was used in web design since 1979 killing the radio star and 
  • Video will account for 82% of the entire internet traffic by 2021

However, there is one point of concern in implementing a video in your web design. Any type of video production, short or long will need more time, resources and money.

On the other side of it, video has got a tremendous potential to capture the business values. It will do it in a way that no text copy or a set of still photos can do alone.

If you are able to incorporate video seamlessly in your web design it will help you to:

  • Sell a conceptual product or service in a much better way
  • Improve the appeal of your feature page
  • Portray a complicated concept in a more consumable, digestible and in an engaging way.

If you are an SEO buff, you can also better it with a video. According to a research report of Video Explainers, you can increase your chances to get a higher front page Google search results by 53 times when you add a video to your website content, provided it is good, relatable, useful and well-crafted.

Multimedia long form

Long form multimedia will also help you to add life to your web design, your product and service, provided it is highly immersive. Any multimedia format in any form is much richer as compared to any blog post, article or infographic. 

  • It is said that a multimedia long form when included in the web design will allow the visitors to visualize the experience of doing business with you. this will hopefully get them hooked.
  • It will also compel your target audience to perform an action that you want them to perform through a call to action attached with it.
  • Lastly and most importantly, it will help you to exhibit your proficiency in the ecosystem you deal with and play.

In order to create a better experience you must start directly with a custom layout. Focus on enriching it with a video, audio, chart, picture, graph, and map. All these elements will help you to tell a long and even a boring story in the most riveting manner. 

Multimedia long form is a very popular trend followed by major media outlets such as ESPN, CNN, and National Geographic. Their innovative way of storytelling is now followed by different businesses with intent to transform their brand redesign into an engaging and compelling story.

Content hubs 

No matter whatever you do and however you design your website, the demand for information is perennial. This makes creating a valuable content all the more important as one of the best ways to create an impression, generate more leads and build a better brand recognition. 

Know about what your customers are looking for in your website and provide them with exactly that. For this you should know about the content marketing strategy and the most stellar and subtle way to do this is by designing web books. 

Web books are ideally e-books which is the future of web design. This will offer your readers valuable info and insights without aggressive sales pitches or gated PDFs.

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