45% of Americans have reported having a side hustle. Almost half of the workforce needs some type of supplemental income to live. Although it’s not ideal to have to work a full-time job and then have a side hustle, people need to pay their bills.

If you are looking to make more money, make sure to keep reading to learn how you can make money with your car.

1. Rideshare Apps

A great way to bring in some extra cash is to drive for a service such as Uber or Lyft. If you live in a city, then this can be a great option for you so long as you meet the requirements for rideshare vehicles.

You can take people from place to place and make money to drive people to the places they need to be. You typically won’t be working normal hours as you would a 9-5 day job.

Typically peak hours will be during the weekends driving people to happy hour or, for those who don’t have a car, driving them to work or place to place fulfilling their errands for the day.

You will get your money as soon as the ride is done, and if you were a good driver, you could even get a tip.

2. Rent Your Car

If you are someone who doesn’t use your car often or even have a household with another car, you can rent your car out.

People will often look to rent cars from actual people instead of a large company because the rates will be lower. You will need to take into consideration that this will add wear to your car, so if your car has low miles and you don’t mind adding some miles on then, this can be a great option.

Just like a traditional rental, the person renting your car will have to pay for gas and keep the car in the same condition as they picked it up, so there’s no need to worry that your car will be totaled.

3. Courier Service

If you don’t want strangers in your car or even renting your car out, you can always use your car as a courier service and bring goods and packages to people.

With the current state of society, many people don’t want to go out to run their normal errands. You can deliver groceries to people. You can also find people that have a business and don’t feel like doing the deliveries themselves.

With this option, you would also be an independent contractor, so you can set your own rates if you are delivering for a local business. If you still don’t love this idea, make sure to check out this service to get money for your car.

Make Money With Your Car Today

Although no one wants to work more than they have to, sometimes you need the extra cash. Now you know a few ways you can make money with your car. It’s time to jump in your car and make your money.

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