When you set up any Apple device, be it a Mac, an iPhone, or an iPad, you’ll quickly get used to Keychain. This is Apple’s fantastic password generator and manager, and it is a best friend of all Apple users.

A lot of people are still using weak passwords, including the word “password.” Using Keychain makes for more secure passwords that can protect your data.

Even if you use Keychain a lot, we’re willing to bet that there are a lot of features you’re missing out on. It’s a program that has a whole lot of functionality lurking below the surface. If you want to get the most out of your Mac, you need to learn how to use the Mac password Keychain to its fullest.

We’re experts on Apple devices and know what Keychain can do. In this bite-sized article, you’ll find a range of fantastic tips to get the most out of your software.

Ready to start using Keychain like a pro? Then keep reading!

Finding Saved Passwords in Keychain

One of the best features of your Mac password Keychain is being able to find saved passwords. If you’ve imported your passwords into Keychain or saved it in there once, you’ll be able to find them with ease in Keychain Access.

To find a saved password that you’ve forgotten, load up Keychain Access. Navigate to Passwords on the sidebar and double click. You can then scroll down to find the saved password.

If you’ve got a lot of saved passwords, then you’re in luck! Keychain makes finding saved passwords an easy task, no matter how many you have. If you know the name of the site, type it in the search bar to narrow the list down.

When you’ve found the entry, double-click on it and click “show password” in the window that loads.

Add a Password to Keychain

While Macs are pretty good at asking you if you want to save your password automatically, there are times where you’ll have a password you want to save and it won’t give you the option.

When this happens, never fear! You can still save the password with ease. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Load up Keychain Access
  2. Select a Keychain
  3. Open File, then New Password Item
  4. Enter the information and save

This is useful for saving passwords that aren’t related to websites, such as Wi-Fi login information. If you need to find a Wi-Fi password on Mac, check out Setapp’s guide here: https://setapp.com/how-to/find-a-saved-wifi-password-on-mac

Mac Password Keychain Hidden Feature: Secure Notes

Keychain isn’t just a secure way to store passwords. You can also save secure notes for easy access later. Secure notes are ideal for saving personal information like bank details or passport information for reference.

Keychain Access encrypts these notes and stores them securely, so you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe. To make a note, click on Secure Notes in the sidebar of Keychain Access and type your note, then save it.

If you’d like to configure the Secure Note’s security, double-click on the entry. In this window, you can change some characteristics, like the password that you’ll need to enter to open the note.

Add Credit Cards to Keychain

If you shop online a lot, having a saved credit or debit card can save you a lot of time. Keychain can store these details for you, which means you’ll take less time at checkout.

To add a password to Keychain on Mac, open up Safari and go to Preferences. Under Autofill, you’ll find a credit card setting where you can add and delete your credit cards.

Like all other aspects of Keychain, your credit card details will be encrypted and protected.

Make Stronger Passwords

The Mac password Keychain isn’t just a place to store passwords. It can make your passwords stronger, too. To generate a new password, you need to go through the same steps we talked about earlier to add a new password.

In Keychain Access, go to File, then New Password Item. In the field where you would enter your password, click on the little key icon to the right. Here, you can make a new, secure password.

You can specify the length, type, and judge its quality all from within Keychain Access. This is a very handy little utility to use when you want to make a new password.

Lock Keychain and Your Mac

Did you know what you can set up Keychain Access so that it locks your Keychain or Mac at the touch of a button? To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Select Keychain Preferences
  2. Select “Show Keychain status in menu bar”

Next to the Wi-Fi icon in your menu bar, you’ll now see a black padlock. If you select the padlock, you will see an option to lock either the screen or the Keychain. Both of these are fantastic and it’s a very nifty way to quickly lock your Mac.

Why Use Keychain?

We’ve shown you some tips and tricks for Keychain. Now let’s take a look at why you should be using this utility.

It’s Secure

Keychain Access stores your passwords and notes securely, using encryption to safeguard your data from any attacker. Even if your computer is hacked, they will not be able to access your passwords apart from in exceptional circumstances.

It Saves Time

Storing passwords and credit card data can save you a lot of time while surfing the web.

It’s Convenient

Having all of your passwords stored in one location makes everything easier. All you need to do is remember your master password and you’re set.

Stay Safe Online With Keychain

Using your Mac password Keychain is one of the best ways to stay safe online. Not only that, it makes everything easier. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of tips and tricks, and can now get the most out of Keychain!

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