The clock is ticking fast towards 2020. It is that time of the year you started backpacking for a breathtaking holiday getaway. Whether you choose to catch a train through the winding terrains of Russia or book the next available flight to Dubai, the world has plenty of places to visit. So, a question you should probably be asking right is what are the best travel ideas to execute? And if you already made travel arrangements, what should you add in your vacation bucket list? 

Well, we know how exciting months leading to holiday festivities can be, and for you, the best travel plan should help roll the dice. Moreover, we know when it comes to holiday expenditure; you don’t want to get it wrong with money matters. Thus, you should play your financial card close to the chest lest you end up starting a New Year 2020 broke and stressed. In this post, we share four travel ideas that will refresh your mind, especially after a long tumultuous year of big challenges. Take a look.

Golfing in Portugal

The story of golf in Portugal is an exciting one so we thought setting foot in this part of the world will help settle matters. In Portugal, state-of-the-art golfing destinations await a traveler looking for more than fine dining places. Morgado golf course is one such place that will pump your adrenalin to high heavens this winter. Make sure to pack your best golf bags and best golf equipment to make the most out of the Portugal golf courses. Based on our experience, Portugal receives sunshine throughout the year, so you should get ready for a fun time this winter without having to worry about cold weather. You wouldn’t want to miss a date with other courses like the Algarve, places that have seen golfing greats like Nick Faldo grace big tournaments. 

Play beach football in Brazil

In December, most major world soccer leagues start the second and final phase of the season. But that should not mean you cannot have fun in the world’s famed footballing countries.  In Brazil, Sao Paulo is the place to be this holiday to unwind from a busy year of work. You can also head to Rio to witness samba dances come to life at the heart of the city. 

A yoga retreat in Asia

After a tiring 11 months of hard work and toil, a yoga retreat sounds like a perfect deal. Given the many benefits that come with a mindfulness exercise, heading to the world’s most famed yoga retreat destinations is worth the much-need rest. China seems like the perfect getaway for us. You will not only get up and close with monks during yoga sessions as you learn the art of mindfulness but also have something to remember. It won’t hurt to stretch beyond Chinese borders to Thailand’s breathtaking destinations, especially in Bali. And if your budget still allows it, nothing will beat a stopover in Indonesia and Singapore. They are countries that have at their disposal, even more, exciting holiday goodies.  

It is time to go hiking in the Himalayas 

Winter may not be perfect to bike in the Himalayas but you can still hike to the highest mount peaks with little effort. Whether you choose to pitch a tent in India’s wild or spend the nights in Ananda, a popular yoga retreat destination, there is plenty of stress-relieving holiday activities in this part of the world. From visiting temple villages to sitting by Ganges River, Himalayas is not always about hiking. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more assuring like spending time with family this holiday. And if you are looking for great travel ideas that will take the work mode away and keep you stress-free, this post wouldn’t have been timelier. 

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