Are you looking to join a trade show soon to help boost your sales or brand awareness? Do you want to make your trade show booth stand out among the other booths in the exhibition?

Saddle up because we’ve got ten amazing trade show display ideas that’ll keep you in attendees’ memories.

Small businesses gain a lot from joining trade shows. From having face time with clients to checking out the competition, you can’t go wrong with joining one. It’s also a great way to give your brand some exposure.

Keep reading to learn how you can make the best out of your trade show booth design.

1. Use a Bold Display

If you want to gain the attention of people from afar and from the first glance at the floor, be bold. Use strong colors like red, orange, or navy blue. You can also use a bold yet attractive combination of colors to get people’s attention.

Use these colors on your trade show pop-up display. Don’t forget to make your displays big. This way, you get the most out of the color and the emotions they portray. If you want to further highlight these colors, pair them with white, black, or both.

2. Hold a Competition

In any social event, you can always find a person with a competitive streak. Use that to your advantage to attract them as well as other attendees. Hold a competition in your booth for the trade show attendees.

Always remember that user-generated content boosts engagement and it’s free advertising!

Forget the typical contest where attendees have to guess how many branded balls in a jar. Instead, use first-to-finish or defend-your-throne contests. Don’t forget to link it to your brand and offer a great prize to the winners.

3. Host a Unique Game at Your Booth

Don’t want to host a contest where only a few people have a chance at winning? A good alternative to contests is to hold friendlier games where everybody can have fun. Some of the best trade show display ideas use interactive games.

Another unique trade show display idea is to use a flexible LED screen to create a belt around a small stage. When a player or attendee steps in, the inward-facing screen will show them the goals of the game. The outward-facing screens can reflect what the playing attendee is seeing or other information.

The LED screen alone will make for a memorable trade show display. You can also use them for a modernized game of Who Am I?

4. Art Is Always a Great Attention-Grabber

Most trade show booths now use minimalist designs and displays. Others use popping and strong colors to stand out. If neither and nothing in between the two styles suit your brand, try art displays.

You can recreate famous and classical art pieces to grab the attention of attendees. You can also display a striking art piece by a local artist. The bottom line is that people can’t deny that art has a good effect on their brains and mood.

5. Try to Put a Focus on Other Senses as Well

A lot of trade show booth designs cater to the sense of sight. If you want to stand out from the rest, try to give attention to the attendees’ other senses, too. This works well for businesses in the food, perfume, textile industries, and more.

Even if you belong in the digital business industry, you can still use the same strategy. For example, use VR and textiles to teach attendees how a lion’s mane feels like in real life. Don’t forget to place this experience offered on the banners.

6. Help Attendees Learn Something New

Speaking of teaching your attendees, why not offer new information to them? Your displays can offer useful information even at the first glance. Then, you can get attendees to come closer by offering more details.

For example, your big LED screens can dole out general facts about candle making. The people manning the booth can help interested parties make candles on-site. Afterward, the attendees can take their candles with them to bring home.

7. Engage Attendees With an Entertaining Emcee

Having an amazing trade show video display is good, but having an engaging emcee is better. An experienced emcee can bring life to your booth. He or she can engage the audience in a way that video displays or games can’t.

You can hire a professional emcee or get a charismatic team member to take the role. Emcees can spread liveliness and positivity to the crowds that visit your booth. These feel-good vibes can lessen the exhaustion in attendees from a day of walking around.

8. Let Attendees Step Into the Spotlight

Your display doesn’t always have to contain only your brand. It can also feature the faces of the many attendees in the event. This is a great idea for videography and photography businesses.

You can set up a mini studio with different settings and props. Connect your camera with your display, where the final shot will show up. Attendees can feel like and see themselves become action stars or supermodels in a matter of minutes.

9. Put up an Outdoors-Like Space Inside

Let’s discuss refreshing and eco-friendly trade show ideas. If you’re a lover of nature or the outdoors, you’ll enjoy this one. Try incorporating greens and natural-looking objects in your display.

Wrap vines around your booth and place flower vases on tables. This helps create a refreshing look. You can also add small water features to give that outdoors feeling.

10. Offer a Quiet Space

Live trade shows can feel overwhelming to attendees and booth owners alike. Instead of joining your competition in being the loudest and busiest booth, be the opposite. Offer a quiet space where attendees can sit and rest their feet.

They’re sure to remember your brand for the consideration you show.

Take Advantage of These Top Trade Show Display Ideas!

That ends our guide on the various trade show ideas you can use for your booth display. There’s no denying that trade shows can boost your business.

We hope you enjoyed reading our top ten trade show display ideas. If you want to see more ideas like these, feel free to check out our other posts to pick up even more business guides and tips!

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