When you exercise, it is always worthwhile setting specific goals for what you want to achieve. This not only helps you stay on track but allows you to measure how far you have travelled towards them. One other big advantage of goal setting for exercise is that it can help you pin down which activities you need to do in order to achieve them. After all, it is pretty pointless embarking on a heavy weight routine if you have no ambitions to increase your muscle mass! 

One very popular area many people will focus on improving their endurance. Having good stamina can come in very handy if you like to play sports outside of work or even work in a physically demanding job. It helps you perform to your best for longer – this can be the difference between triumph and failure in many cases. Endurance can also come in very handy in modern life. Handling a 12-hour shift at work before returning home to look after the kids can need more of it than you know!

As noted above, if you are looking to build stamina and endurance then you need to be doing the right exercises to help. Before you start though, you should think about what you wear to workout in. Compression wear kit supports your body during and after exercise so you can workout safer for longer. Tommie Copper is brand trusted by many and Tommie Copper compression clothing is a good choice in this regard. Working out for longer will really help to build stamina and wearing this sort of clothing means you can do it in a safer way. 

When it comes to activities which help build endurance, the below are some of the best around to think about trying. 


Aerobic exercise is great for stamina building and jogging is one of the best. This is used by a lot of different sports to help build endurance and it can help you too. The secret lies in the whole-body workout it offers and the sustained effort it involves. Over time, this will help your muscles get stronger and your lungs to work more efficiently as you breathe. For an added stamina building boost, why not try running upstairs as part of your normal route? This speeds up your heartrate which makes you work harder and take in more oxygen. 


Another superb aerobic exercise to build endurance is swimming. Anyone who has swam more than a few lengths in a full-size pool can attest to this! Indeed, it is thought that only 20 minutes of swimming at medium intensity are needed to increase your stamina levels. If you do this a few times each week, you will really notice a difference. The real secret here is the increase in lung capacity swimming brings which then delivers more oxygen around your body. When trying to live healthier and build endurance, this is a great activity to think about. 


To get a quick head-start on boosting your endurance levels, hopping on a bike is hard to beat. This gives a great cardio workout and will really help your body get stronger and more efficient. Going uphill will really work your muscles while short sprints can give your body a quick yet intense workout. For building stamina though, you would want to focus more on cycling at a steady pace for longer distances. This keeps your body working at a decent level for longer which will eventually helps you perform better. To help raise your heartrate and work even harder to build stamina, you could also use mixed modal training such as CrossFit or HIIT. 

HIIT training 

High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) puts stamina building it at its core and, from football to rugby, its popularity is growing in a wide range of sports. Although good for weight loss and fat burning, it can also be very handy for building endurance as well. Both your bodies anaerobic and aerobic systems are targeted here which gives a great overall effect. HIIT training makes your body work at a higher level for a longer period of time. 

Endurance and stamina for daily life 

As noted previously, building endurance and stamina is key for both daily life and sports. If you are looking for some great ways to build yours, the above tips should help. All the activities we have listed will raise your heartrate and make your lung capacity grow over time to help. When you also add in the strength they build into your muscles to aid extended performance levels, they are certainly worth considering.

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