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The Biggest Tech Surprise of 2019

Are you a tech junkie?  Do you wait with anticipation for each years’ new tech trends or gadgets?  Maybe you are new to the tech world and have an itch to learn more? Perhaps you work in the industry and didn’t see the biggest surprise of 2019 happening.  Whatever the case may be, a lot of people couldn’t’ see this surprise coming, even the professionals.

The biggest tech trend this year hasn’t been any new gadgets or applications.  It hasn’t been the latest software inventions or a new AI trend. Maybe you thought big data would be king in 2019?  Well, that’s not the case. The biggest surprise and tech trend so far this year has been trust. That’s right, good old fashioned trust is the surprise of the year within the tech industry.  

It’s been awhile since Edward Snowden and Julian Assange blew the whistle on the government and their spying on its citizens over the internet.  But it seems some businesses in the tech industry is finally coming around and giving its customers more privacy. 

Ninety percent of adults feel they should have control over which information of theirs is shared or collected.  Eighty-six percent have done something about it by hiding or removing their digital footprints. Sixty-eight percent of tech consumers feel current laws are not working in their favor and fifty-nine percent feel it’s completely impossible to have anonymity online.  

However, in light of all this information such as the Edelmen’s Trust Barometer which says people are shifting their trust to the tech relationships that they can control, many businesses haven’t done anything about it yet.  If this continues it appears they will lose a lot of customers this way.  

The moral here is trust always wins out and will do so in the tech industry.


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