Just about everybody has a smartphone these days. Other than your weird uncle that may still be committed to a flip phone, most people have made the change to a smart device by now. One of the more exciting advancements in smartphone technology in recent years has been the proliferation of mobile apps. Nowadays, phones are capable of doing a whole lot more than placing calls. 

Plenty of people use their phones for everyday tasks like checking email or scrolling through their social media feeds. Others will use their phones as a camera or as a GPS. Frankly, there isn’t much your cell phone can’t do these days. Just about everything you could want is right there in the palm of your hand. Whether it’s using the web browser to read all about betting online or texting funny cat GIFs to your friends, we all use our smartphones differently. 

You probably already have the most popular mobile apps out there. However, there are thousands that you surely haven’t heard of. This is a list of apps you didn’t know you needed. 


As mentioned in the open, people use their phones for navigation all the time these days. Fortunately, the days of going to MapQuest or using a traditional road map are a thing of the past. Most people will opt for Google Maps or the pre-installed map app, but Waze is the future of phone navigation. 

Unlike Google Maps, which is optimized to try and give you the fastest route to your destination, Waze is the world’s biggest community-based navigation app. The app uses information from millions of Waze users all over the world in order to give other users real-time traffic information. The app will tell you about whether you’re about to hit accident- or construction-related traffic, and it will come up with an alternative route to help you avoid lengthy stoppages. Some of the apps other useful features include finding the cheapest gas station along your route, and you can help others by using your voice to report traffic incidents and other factors that could hinder someone else’s commute. Waze even lets you stream your Spotify playlist to help you stay entertained while you’re on the road. 

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve surely had to deal with the unfortunate circumstances surrounding potential maladies for your cat or dog. Applying first aid to a pet isn’t the same as doing so for a human, which is where the Pet First Aid app comes in. The American Red Cross designed the app in order to help pet owners help their pets whenever problems may arise. 

The Pet First Aid app offers real veterinary advice for everyday emergencies, complete with video demonstrations and photos to help you render aid to your furry friend in need. The step-by-step guidelines can prove helpful. However, if an emergency is too severe for you to handle on your own, the app will also help you locate the nearest vet with its built-in animal hospital locator. 

Sweat Deck

Some people enjoy working out. Others dread having to do so. However, one way to make working out fun is by consulting the Sweat Deck app. Not everyone has the time to head to the gym or go for a run, and Sweat Deck makes it easy for you to get a complete workout from your own home (or office). 

The app will give you a deck of “cards,” and each card displays a different home workout. All you have to do is draw a card and do what it says. For example, each card features its own different exercise, and the card value determines how many reps you should do. One card may tell you to do 15 burpees, while the next may prompt you to do 25 push-ups. If you manage to get through an entire deck, give yourself a pat on the (sweaty) back. You’ve earned it!


Printed tickets are slowly becoming a thing of the past. More and more vendors are making the switch to electronic ticketing. While this is more convenient than having to print your tickets or pick them up from the box office, there are certain complications, as well. However, WalletPasses is an app designed to help you keep everything in order. 

From airplane boarding passes to baseball game tickets to loyalty cards, you can transfer just about any kind of ticket or card into the WalletPasses app. The app is fully compatible with Apple and Android users, and, best of all, it only consumes power while it’s in use. So, you won’t be seeing your battery life dwindle even though you don’t have the app open. The app also gives you complete control over the data shared with pass issuers, so your personal information is secure. 


Hermit is an app that essentially helps you create a “lite” version of other apps and webpages. The app allows users to create a shortcut for any website they would like (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This way, you can essentially keep data and information from dozens of different apps or pages all in one, convenient location that you can customize, as well. 
Using Hermit helps you save storage space on your mobile device while also using considerably less battery power than you would if you were using multiple apps at once. Rather than having to navigate your way through a bunch of different apps, Hermit helps you keep it all together in one place.

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