Owing the government money, especially taxes, can be a little intimidating. It gets even worse when you have a huge tax debt staring at you in the face. Believe it or not, getting tax relief is easier than most people think. You just have to know who to talk to and what steps to take. 

Find out what you owe

Before you even think of what steps to take, it is important to find out how much you owe. The IRS periodically sends out notices to those who owe it money, and this could be the first place to look. If you do not have this option, then ask them. The IRS is always looking to recoup its debts so they will be more than happy to let you know how much you owe. If you don’t know where to start, always talk to a qualified attorney. They are likely to know who to talk to to get you the information you need. 

When talking to the IRS, be sure to tell them of a payment plan that does not promise too much. Remember, you are already in debt and are asking for a second chance. If you promise to pay in huge installments and cannot, the IRS is less likely to be lenient the second time around. 

Talk to a debt relief agency

People who owe the IRS tax money and are desperate can find help from agencies and attorneys who deal with tax debt relief. All these agencies and attorneys will help you define the clearest path to becoming debt-free. These attorneys and agencies are usually free and will talk with the IRS on your behalf to find out how much you owe and establish a payment plan and period for you. A good agency or attorney will find a way to arrange for you to spread your payments over a three-year period. 

Beware of scammers

If you go online and search for businesses that offer tax debt relief, you will find too many to count. Although some of them are legitimate businesses, a huge number of them are there to take advantage of your desperation. They are out to get those who do not understand how to get tax debt relief the right way. So how can you know the difference? 

Instead of searching for attorneys or agencies offering tax debt relief services on a search engine, it is always better to do it on the Better Business Bureau listings. Only legitimate businesses get into these listings so if you contact any such business, you are in the right hands. 

Although most agencies or businesses that offer tax debt relief are legitimate, they may charge you a small fee for their time and services. If they do, and you found them through the Better Business Bureau, you can be confident in the knowledge they are not scamming you.

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