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Steampunk Fashion and its Roots

Are you a Steampunk?  Maybe you’ve seen a Steampunk in a bar or coffee shop and you’ve wondered what it’s all about?  Or perhaps you saw a movie recently and it sparked your interest or curiosity?

First, let’s talk about what Steampunk fashion is.

It’s a subgenre coming from the Steampunk movement in science fiction really.  Basically you combine elements of Europe’s Industrial Revolution throughout the 1800s and a romanticism of the Victorian era with a science theme.  The impetus comes from a post apocalyptic mindset and uses clothes, jewelry, make-up, hairstyle, and even body modification in some cases.

The coolest part about Steampunk fashion is there are no limits and no rules.  You can let it all hang out and go as far as you are able to. 

Steampunk Style for Women

Women typically wear corsets, jackets, bustled skirts, mini top hats, Victorian laced boots, and even goggles.  The color schemes are usually brown or black with deep accents consisting of ivory, green, and red.  The lace and ruffled trims accentuate Victorian era style and the antiqued look.  The Industrial Revolution is seen in the brass and leather. 

Steampunk Style for Men

If you’re a guy going for the Steampunk look then you’ll want to incorporate the darkside of Victorian era fashion.  You can do this with brocade vests, leather suspenders, striped pants, military boots, top hats, sunglasses, even holsters with fake guns.  The idea here is to be somewhat of a mad scientist, voyager, and engineer all in one.

Both men and women can dress in a Moulin Rouge style if they so desire, which can be fun.  Either way you can take Steampunk fashion to the moon and back and you won’t go wrong.


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