Building and sustaining a successful business can be challenging. There are a lot of things to consider and even more things to keep in mind. That said, there are certain fundamentals that can form the building blocks that will not only make the ride a lot smoother but will also help increase profits as the business gets off the ground and grows. 


Regardless of what any business owner says, at the end of the day, every business is structured to make money. At the heart of it all is the customer. There are several factors to keep in mind here including engagement, capturing potential customers’ attention, creating a brand that is exciting and fun, getting the right clients as well as focusing on your goals, themes, and profitability. 

Engagement allows the customer to not only know about your business but also to know what you have to offer and why they should choose your business. Engagement ties in with marketing, whether using traditional mediums or newer mediums such as social media. Capturing your customers’ attention can be done through outreach, providing unique products and solutions or through social media too. Ensuring profitability means getting the right clients and customers. A huge number of clients does not necessarily equate to higher profits so it is always better to have the right clients or customers than many customers or clients. 

Operations, processes, and systems

Getting to a profitable state requires a business owner to know what is going on in their business at all times. Setting up processes that allow them to step back and have a higher view of how things are going not only makes the business run smoother, it also eliminates inefficiencies that could impact profits. 

The right processes and systems ensure that a business is able to meet the needs of its customers or clients and this ensures profits in the long term. Systems that protect a business from inappropriate or uninformed decisions also help in ensuring profitability. 

Managing financials and resources

There have to be systems in place to help track all financials and resources. Using tools such as cash flow and financial statements can help see what resources are being put to good use and which ones are causing wastages. Keeping a tight control on cash flow and working capital ensures there are no delays in productivity, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and therefore higher profits. 


Happy employees will always do a good job. Every business owner must have a way of making their employees feel appreciated and part of the team. Employees and the management must be able to work together like cogs in the same machine and if this cohesion breaks down, the business and its profitability are likely to suffer.

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