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Здесь вы получите горсть новых возможностей, которые уже есть и скоро будут! Свяжитесь с нами, если у вас есть идеи.
  • Браузер Minecraft - запустите свой любимый сервер прямо из minebook.me!
  • API: Возьмите любые изображения, комментарии, адреса серверов, рейтинги и разместите их на своем сайте!
  • Мобильные приложения
a.1.7.6 (Dec 01/15)
  • Added Christmas style
a.1.7.5 (Feb 03/15)
  • More work on profile images
a.1.7.4 (Feb 02/15)
  • Some live-changes done
a.1.7.3 (Mar 06/13)
  • Bunch of bug fixes
a.1.7.2 (Feb 15/13)
  • Added online status for more locations
  • Sped up server page
a.1.7.1 (Feb 8/13)
  • Added annoying blob
  • Removed Christmas style
a.1.7.0 (Jan 26/13)
  • Sped up pages (yay ajax) and fixed some server db bugs
a.1.6.9 (Jan 18/13)
  • Added Russian and Korean
a.1.6.8 (Jan 17/13)
  • Fixed shout mining bug
a.1.6.7 (Dec 12/12)
  • Added social network rewards
a.1.6.4 (Dec 12/12)
  • Can now mine shouts
a.1.6.3 (Dec 3/12)
  • Sped up pages and fixed some bugs
a.1.6.1 (Dec 2/12)
  • More holiday stuff
a.1.6.0 (Dec 2/12)
  • Removed ads
  • Added holiday feel
a.1.5.9 (Nov 28/12)
  • Added skin changing support
  • Added custom cursors on mine this and friends
a.1.5.6 (Nov 24/12)
  • Removed Minecon countdown
a.1.5.5 (Nov 21/12)
  • Prepared for Minecon
a.1.5.3 (Oct 31/12)
  • Added news ad
  • Fixed profile images not always refreshing after an hr
a.1.5.2 (Oct 30/12)
  • Some bug fixes
  • Linden labs patterns banner
a.1.5.1 (Oct 29/12)
  • Some bug fixes
  • Linden labs patterns banner
a.1.5.0 (Oct 26/12)
  • Some bug fixes
a.1.4.9 (Oct 24/12)
  • Auto load comments and such
  • Some CSS fixes
a.1.4.8 (Oct 22/12)
  • Some bug fix
  • Added more languages
a.1.4.6 (Oct 21/12)
  • Some bug fix
  • Added first language
a.1.4.5 (Oct 18/12)
  • Sped up server browsing page
  • Added text to buttons instead of images
a.1.4.4 (Oct 16/12)
  • Separated into language files
a.1.4.3 (Oct 14/12)
  • Added shouts to front page
  • Reply button now redirects to register if not logged in
  • Bug fixes
a.1.4.2 (Oct 13/12)
  • Added @ support
  • Fixed bugs on news tab
  • Improved UI when not logged in (Redirect to register if things are clicked)
a.1.4.1 (Oct 10/12)
  • Videos should now be properly implemented site-wide
a.1.4.0 (Oct 7/12)
  • Improved how video icons appear and some URL stuff (like videos have a /video in the url)
a.1.3.9 (Oct 7/12)
  • Added TOS
a.1.3.7 (Oct 1/12)
  • Added youtube
  • Bound notifications to a week
a.1.3.6 (Sep 24/12)
  • Added bottom TOS
  • Added VMC removed youtube
  • Improved search
a.1.3.3 (Sep 17/12)
  • Added advanced search
a.1.3.2 (Aug 27/12)
  • Improved skin caching issue
  • Changed info and promoted new mb server
a.1.3.3 (Aug 14/12)
  • Has 'number of posts hidden' now
a.1.3.1 (Aug 12/12)
  • Improved browse images
  • Made badges less clustered
a.1.3.0 (Aug 10/12)
  • Forums now work better with urls of parent window
a.1.2.9 (Aug 9/12)
  • Improved top message dropdown
  • Fixed non-VIP popup
  • Removed wibiya
a.1.2.8 (Aug 8/12)
  • Added HTTPS support
  • Added bottom banner to server pages
a.1.2.5 (Aug 3/12)
  • Updated texture pack for 1.3
  • Referral points are now emeralds
  • Reduced form spamming on submit
a.1.2.4 (Aug 1/12)
  • Increased security to prevent bots
a.1.2.3 (July 31/12)
  • Added staff contacts under 'help'
a.1.2.2 (July 31/12)
  • Added back PW with ajax support
  • Fixed armor bug for VIP profiles (css)
a.1.2.0 (July 25/12)
  • Improved admin control panel
a.1.1.9 (July 19/12)
  • Fixed some server browsing bugs
  • Added keywords to vip servers
a.1.1.8 (July 15/12)
  • Added new image for no-vip server pages
  • More OAuth support, not yet released
a.1.1.7 (July 13/12)
  • Added new profile pics for non-vip servers
a.1.1.6 (July 12/12)
  • Sped up server page to use ajax w/ tips
a.1.1.5 (July 11/12)
  • Added youtube video popup
a.1.1.4 (July 10/12)
  • Fixed search dropdown
  • Fixed level bar
  • Added 'change skin'
a.1.1.2 (June 7/12)
  • Added clouds
  • Added plugin rewards and favored server rewards
  • Increased login duration
a.1.1.1 (May. 18/12)
  • Added album for images you mined
  • Added extra field when editing your profile
a.1.1.0 (May. 14/12)
  • Add titles and description for albums
a.1.0.9 (May. 12/12)
  • Remove PW banner
a.1.0.7 - a.1.0.8 (May. 11/12)
  • Bug fixes
a.1.0.6 (May. 10/12)
  • Votifier now implemented for Minebook!
  • Vote history appears for all servers
a.1.0.5 (May. 07/12)
  • Can now vote directly from server page tab
  • Grief reports are crossed out if invalid
a.1.0.4 (May. 07/12)
  • Added highlighting when viewing notificaitons
a.1.0.3 (May. 03/12)
  • Fixed CSS bugs
  • Improved sorting
a.1.0.2 (May. 03/12)
  • Added extra info to server browsing
  • You can set your country for server
a.1.0.2 (May. 03/12)
  • Added extra info to server browsing
  • You can set your country for server
a.1.0.1 (May. 02/12)
  • Added vote sorting and level-based voting
a.1.0.0 (May. 02/12)
  • Added searching and filtering to server browsing
a.9.9 (Apr. 30/12)
  • Improved backend server querying
a.9.8 (Apr. 30/12)
  • Changed way default minebook server lists
a.9.7 (Apr. 29/12)
  • Added show/hide server plugins
a.9.6 (Apr. 28/12)
  • Added server browsing
a.9.5 (Apr. 26/12)
  • Added text to icons up top
  • Added Minebook voting
a.9.4 (Apr. 25/12)
  • Added rules to bottom of screen
a.9.3 (Apr. 25/12)
  • Added reset button for for profile pic
a.9.2 (Apr. 25/12)
  • Added plugin listing for all servers
a.9.1 (Apr. 25/12)
  • Sped up server pages
a.9.0 (Apr. 24/12)
  • To report users (using fish) you must now provide a reason
  • Added more admin tools for admin panel
a.8.9 (Apr. 24/12)
  • Users can move/size their profile pics
a.8.8 (Apr. 23/12)
  • Sped up site
  • Added admin panel for staff
a.8.7 (Apr. 22/12)
  • New donation system
  • Rearranged Ads
a.8.6 (Apr. 19/12)
  • Users can now set background style on server and vip profiles
a.8.5 (Apr. 18/12)
  • Increased text field size (500)
  • Fixed image uploading notify bug
  • Added loading gif and servers in search
  • Removed like counts when browsing images
a.8.4 (Apr. 16/12)
  • Improved front page slideshow
a.8.3 (Apr. 16/12)
  • Added voting for vip server profile page
  • Added banner for vip server profile page
a.8.2 (Apr. 13/12)
  • Fixed staff CSS on server pages for multi rows
a.8.1 (Apr. 13/12)
  • Fixed score voting
a.8.0 (Apr. 13/12)
  • Added staff section to VIP server pages
a.7.9 (Apr. 12/12)
  • Spiced up Q&A
a.7.8 (Apr. 12/12)
  • Improved CSS on server page
  • Online users on server page now has load more
a.7.7 (Apr. 11/12)
  • Implemented project wonderful banner
a.7.6 (Apr. 11/12)
  • Diamond warriors can now claim servers
  • Claimed servers gives users power armor
a.7.5 (Apr. 10/12)
  • Added gift giving capabilities
  • Background is now fixed and non-repeating
a.7.4 (Apr. 9/12)
  • Implemented short server urls
  • Implemented standard long urls
  • Added servers to directory page
a.7.3 (Apr. 8/12)
  • Implemented VIP server pages
a.7.2 (Apr. 8/12)
  • Fixed adding user to photo bug
  • Added warning system
a.7.1 (Apr. 7/12)
  • Optimized JS
  • Added snow and redstone blocks
a.7.0 (Apr. 5/12)
  • Small CSS fixes
a.6.9 (Apr. 5/12)
  • Integrated competition winners
a.6.8 (Apr. 4/12)
  • Images can now be linked to server pages
a.6.7 (Apr. 3/12)
  • Added server profile pages again
  • Integrated 'clustering' within server pages.
a.6.6 (Apr. 2/12)
  • Can now tag users in photos
  • Increase 'online' back to 5 minutes of activity (as it was before)
a.6.5 (Mar. 30/12)
  • Removed online/offline flower and added glow instead
  • Fixed bug with selecting fav player in edit profile
a.6.4 (Mar. 29/12)
  • Added online/offline status (toggable)
a.6.3 (Mar. 28/12)
  • Late night bug fix
a.6.2 (Mar. 28/12)
  • Added armor for multi-vip's
  • Fixed bug where unindexed players when searched in URL weren't returning current UID
a.6.1 (Mar. 27/12)
  • Fixed sessions randomly expiring
a.6.0 (Mar. 27/12)
  • Fixed pagination bug browsing images
a.5.9 (Mar. 27/12)
  • Default gallery browse is hottest today
  • Banned users no longer count to grief count
  • Security Fixes
a.5.8 (Mar. 25/12)
  • Added photo browsing
  • You can see your own reported griefs
  • Moved chat bar
a.5.7 (Mar. 20/12)
  • Added chat
a.5.6 (Mar. 18/12)
  • Added full bio page
  • Some security fixes
  • Added server banners
  • Slideshow doesn't cycle if not focused
  • Added extra URL checking for servers
a.5.5 (Mar. 14/12)
  • Added server tab
a.5.4 (Mar. 12/12)
  • Added albums and drag and drop for images
a.5.3 (Mar. 10/12)
  • Now exists multi levels of VIP for the extra great!
a.5.2 (Mar. 8/12)
  • Added shopping cart
  • Added breadcrumbs
a.3.6 (Mar. 7/12)
  • Spiced up front page
a.3.6 (Mar. 5/12)
  • Changed login system so you don't need minecraft.net password, but still available if desired
  • Added paginated mega miners
a.3.5 (Mar. 4/12)
  • Added glass block
  • Fixed smaller than 0 score
  • Grief report appears only if higher level than you
  • Added name prefix
  • Added versioning to header
a.3.4 (Mar. 2/12)
  • VIP can now change their name colors within profile
a.3.3 (Mar. 1/12)
  • Added news feed
a.3.2 (Feb. 29/12)
  • Added ability to show/hide comments
a.3.1 (Feb. 27/12)
  • Added point spending tracking
  • Fixed alpha grass. Om nom.
  • Improved notification system
a.3.0 (Feb. 26/12)
  • Force password setting
  • Added reward system
a.3.0 (Feb. 24/12)
  • Improved notification system
  • Fixed (Hopefully) forums and made more apparent
a.2.9 (Feb. 22/12)
  • Added pop up bubbles
  • Made 'mine this' button visible always
a.2.8 (Feb. 21/12)
  • Added photo 'mine this' button
  • Cleared scores, will only count toward other people's ratings toward you and 'mine this' clicks
  • Increased non-vip photo limit to 30
a.2.7 (Feb. 20/12)
  • Added forums!
  • Added more contact info in 'contact us'
a.2.6 (Feb. 18/12)
  • Got rid of scrollbars some places. Was causing problems
a.2.5 (Feb. 17/12)
  • Hovering above grief report shows who reported you
a.2.4 (Feb. 16/12)
  • Added a few more profile information settings
a.2.3 (Feb. 16/12)
  • Increased max images for non-vip to 20
  • Added UTF-8 Support for comments
  • Removed ability to log in with email
a.2.2 (Feb. 15/12)
  • Now can rate users
a.2.1 (Feb. 14/12)
  • Added nav to front page images
a.2.0 (Feb. 14/12)
  • Disabled a few things for non-vip members
  • Multiple donators get added perks
  • Closed off free 500 VIP :D
  • Comments are now auto linked if url is present
a.1.9 (Feb. 13/12)
  • Experience points now given
a.1.8 (Feb. 10/12)
  • Few new blocks as scrollbar
a.1.7 (Feb. 10/12)
  • Improved SEO
  • Now can delete comments
a.1.6 (Feb. 09/12)
  • You can set your own minebook.me password upon login
a.1.5 (Feb. 09/12)
  • Sped up the pages
a.1.4 (Feb. 08/12)
  • Seperated notifications into two tabs
a.1.3 (Feb. 08/12)
  • Added commenting, notifications and sharing on gallery tab
a.1.2 (Feb. 07/12)
  • Now profile image and background is set through gallery tab
a.1.1 (Feb. 06/12)
  • Improved resolution of graphics
  • Redesigned front page
a.1.0 (Feb. 06/12)
  • Removed images counting toward Diamond Miners due to abuse
  • Upgraded favorite block images
  • Added more block types
a.0.9 (Feb. 05/12)
  • Web page should load faster in certain sections
a.0.8 (Feb. 04/12)
  • Added reply notifications
  • Fixed watermelon om nom
a.0.7 (Feb. 03/12)
  • Added new profile picture graphics
  • Fixed scroll bar issue
a.0.6 (Feb. 02/12)
  • Switched to using in-house profile images
a.0.5 (Feb. 02/12)
  • Upgraded resolution of profile pictures ... should be all good now
a.0.4 (Feb. 01/12)
  • Better notifications
  • Added free advertising
  • Fixed some visual and logical bugs
a.0.3 (Jan. 31/12)
  • Notifications work like they should
  • Added social media buttons. Come join us
  • Fixed some visual problems
  • Timezones should be in effect now
a.0.2 (Jan. 28/12)
  • Replies now sort properly
  • Added notificaiton system
  • New definition of diamond miners
  • Extended VIP to another 500 users
  • New Staff Icon
a.0.1 (Jan. 26/12)
  • Sharper profile images (just head)
  • Reply to wall post feature
  • Some UI bug fixes
  • Closed off 100 free VIP
a.0.0 (Jan. 24/12)
Initial launch! Yay!
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