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Resistance Bands Workout Ideas

Resistance bands can provide you with a great fitness regimen. They can be used for rehabbing an injury or included in your normal workout program. They allow for a concentrated and controlled exercise routine which burns calories and adds strength. You can use them on their own or as an added exercise particularly a superset.  

While you are working out don’t forget to keep hydrated. Water is the best way to do this, however, drinking plain water all day every day can become monotonous and flat out boring.  Don’t miss this flavored water schedule to go along with your resistance band workout.

This workout is designed as a three-day split. Two days on and one off. The first thing to do is purchase some resistance bands preferably with grips on them, but this is not necessary. Simple bands are okay too.  

Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps on each exercise unless otherwise specified

Day 1-Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

  1. Flat Chest Fly-Attach your band to a sturdy apparatus and bring your arms together as if using a fly machine at the gym.
  2. Incline Fly-Do the same motion as regular flys but bring your hands together above your forehead.
  3. Decline Fly-Kneel on the ground and bring hands together below your abdomen.
  4. Flat Chest Press-Standing up, press your hands out in front of you level with your pecs.
  5. Incline Chest Press-Press your arms up and out at an angle above your head.
  6. Decline Chest Press-Kneeling down, press your bands out and below your stomach.
  7. Shoulder Press-Stand with your feet on the band and press straight up and together over your head.
  8. Lateral Raise-Starting with your hands at your knees and your feet on the bands bring the bands all the way out to your side.
  9. Tricep Pull-Put your hands together out in front of you then pull them out to the side.
  10. Overhead Press-Stand with your right foot on the band with your right arm bent behind you. Then extend up over your head. Repeat with the left side.

Water with freshly squeezed lemon

Day 2-Legs, Abs

Front, Side and Back Leg Raises. Do these in succession with 8-12 reps for each then switch legs.  Do three sets of each exercise. Attach the band to a chair or other object and then perform the raises.

  1. Planks-Perform planks for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  2. Leg Raises-Lie on your back and bring your legs up to 90 degrees for 3 sets of 15 reps.

Water with sliced cucumber

Rest Day-Drink water with sliced ginger and lemon peels

Day 3-Back and Biceps

  1. Deadlifts-Crouch down with your feet on the band and your hands in from of you. Then pull up with your whole body until straight.
  2. Pull Downs-Attach the band to the highest possible place you can find. Start at the top and pull down to chest level while squeezing your back.
  3. Two Arm Curls-Stand with your arms down to your side with palms facing out. Curl both arms at the same time.
  4. One Arm Curls-Do the same as above with one arm at a time.
  5. Hammer Curls-Simply grab the bands as you would a hammer with arms down to your side. Then, curl up to just past elbow level.

Water with squeezed cherries

Using this resistance band routine should improve your strength and flexibility. Remember to always consult your physician before changing or starting any workout routine. 


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