Did you know that 90% of small businesses have no idea how much they spend on office printing? There are a few things your business can implement to help manage everything that is printed to help your company save money in the long run.

Keep reading to learn our top printing tips to help your business.

1. Running Costs

If you are in the market to buy new printers for your office then you will want to purchase a printing system or a printer that fits your specific printing needs. If you need to print thousands of pages every single month, then a traditional laser printer is what you will want to invest in.

Inkjet printers are best for companies that need to print photos and color graphics. These are also the best option if you want to print on different things such as glossy photo paper, cardboard, posters, etc.

No matter which printer you choose, you want to make sure that it offers high-yield ink or toner cartridges to help you reduce your printing costs. You can also compare the pricing of printing in house or outsourcing to a reputable company such as Teamconceptprinting.com, to see which one will cost your company less money.

2. Digital Documents

There are always digital alternatives instead of printing out on paper. Before you click “PRINT” you might want to think twice and ask yourself if you really need a hard physical copy or if you can choose a digital alternative instead. Adobe’s PDF file format is a great way to save a document and it can easily be sent by email.

3. Economy Mode

Most printers have an option for an economy mode or for a draft mode that many people do not use or simply do not know about. You can opt for this setting to help you use less toner or less ink every time you print something.

Making this small switch can reduce your printing costs and you can still switch to higher-quality printing as needed.

4. Reduce Paper Consumption

Believe it or not, many companies only use one side of the paper even if they print out hundreds of pages every day. Using the two-sided option on your printer will help your business save money on paper.

You can also help the environment by having a scrap pile of paper that is cut into pieces to be reused as note-taking paper instead of just throwing it out.

Ready to Apply These Printing Tips?

Now that you have our top printing tips for your business you can start applying them right away. There is no reason that your company should spend more than they have to when it comes to printing documents, pictures, and everything else you need to print.

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