If you’ve got a great product you want to find the best platform to sell it on. While your options for online storefronts are many, you should consider a one stop shop.

A one stop shop service is an all-in-one-platform that lets you sell and promote products. Instead of having to use a variety of different services, you have all you need to be combined into one service.

A one stop shop platform is all you need for managing inventory, making sales, marketing, and accounting.

Here’s why you should give it a go:

It’s Versatile

Often, a business owner has to spend hours of research on the different ways to promote their product. One has to first find an eCommerce platform. Then, you have to look for marketing services.

After that, you need a marketing analytics service. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so you can imagine how time-consuming it is to find the right services.

A one stop shop service offers versatility. You’ll have the option to create a landing page that showcases your product. This landing page will also have in-built eCommerce features. These are for your customers to buy your product and for you to receive payments.

This same service will have all the marketing and accounting services you need. You can promote your products and then analyze your marketing efforts. You can also keep track of sales and calculate revenue, expenses, and profits with one service.

Basic Essentials

So how do you find a great all-in-one-platform to sell products? You want to first look for the landing page feature.

A landing page is a far better option than having a short product description on an online catalog. Most businesses showcase their products through catalogs. These get created through eCommerce platforms. But these cause products to get forgotten and overlooked by consumers.

A landing page focuses on one product or set of products at a time. It offers a detailed description of what the product offers. It gives you a chance to persuade your customers on why they should buy the product.

You can also add other multimedia such as infographics, audio clips, and videos. Landing pages also have testimonials from satisfied customers. Through the landing page, your customers can buy the product.

The one stop shop service will also have an in-built payment system. This integrates with popular payment authorization services such as PayPal and Stripe.

You’ll also have a dashboard where you can do a variety of tasks. These include viewing orders, communicating with customers, and viewing your analytics.

All one stop shop services should have these basic essentials. Next, let’s look at the advanced features to help you find the best service.

Advanced Features

If you want to make the most out of a one stop shop service, you want to have a diverse range of advanced features.

For example, do you have the option of selling physical and digital products? If you’ve written an ebook, can you sell and deliver it through the platform? Can you sell other digital products such as monthly memberships?

Another great feature is an affiliate program. This feature lets your customers sign up for an affiliate program. This allows them to promote your products. If they refer another customer to your product, they earn a commission if that referral turns into a sale.

This is a great way to get free marketing for your product. It’s a win-win situation for both your business and your customers.

You also want to find a way to communicate with your customers. Your platform should generate a database of all customers and their email addresses. Through the platform, you should be able to email your customers. With this, you can announce product launches, product updates, request testimonials, etc.

A successful eCommerce business must have constant communication with its customers. Make sure you choose a one stop shop platform that has a direct communication feature.

You also want a Content Management System (CMS). This is to create and share exclusive content with paying customers. This can include instruction guides, industry news, advertisements, and other relevant content.

Finally, you also want a feedback service to send to your customers. This can help you get feedback on your products as well as the accessibility of the landing page.

Choosing Your One Stop Shop Service

Now you are ready to choose your one stop shop service based on the previous criteria. You want to make sure you conduct extensive research on different services. For example, you want to check out this GrooveFunnels review. This is a great one stop shop service to consider.

Look at case studies of how this service has helped other online sellers. You want to look at existing landing pages to see if you like the aesthetics that the service offers. Make sure to read as many customer testimonials as possible.

If you can, reach out to the customer service department for the all-in-one-platform. If you sign up for the service, you want to make sure you can always reach out to customer service when needed. Ask them about any questions/concerns you have about the platform.

You should also ask about future features. Many great one stop shop services are always working to improve their product. They will be happy to let you know what other features they plan for a future release.

If they don’t have any planned features, this is a major red flag. It shows that they aren’t concerned about improving their product.

If you can take a demo or free trial of the platform, make sure you take it. This will give you a chance to test out the waters before you decide on what platform to use.

If a free trial/demo isn’t available, this is another red flag. This gives the impression that they aren’t confident about their product.

Start Selling

Now that you know the benefits of a one stop shop service, you can choose the right one for your business. Research the features to make sure they cover what you need to scale your eCommerce business.

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