Whether you are producing a promotional video for a product launch, an informational announcement for your website, or a commercial for a television broadcast, the right voice actor can make all the difference.

Voiceovers can communicate more than the message of your ad. They convey the tone of your message, as well.

This article will look at how to hire a voice actor for your video production. You’ll learn how to hold voice acting casting calls, select the right voice for your brand, and ensure the best quality recording.

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Finding the Right Voice Actor

There are a lot of options when it comes to a voiceover artist. Online booking sites have a wide range of vocal styles to choose from in various regions of the world.

While there are plenty of amateur actors looking to break out, the best choice for finding talented professionals is to work with an agency. A qualified voice acting agency will have men and women of different age ranges with specific vocal abilities.

Are you looking for a middle-aged man who has a serious tone of voice? What about a young woman who sounds energetic but professional?

When you work with an agency that specializes in voice talent, you’ll have plenty of choices. Most agencies provide audition recordings and other samples of previous work so you can find the right fit.

Hold a Casting Call

Once you’ve found several voices you like, it’s time for voice acting casting calls. Ask your voice actors to record a custom audition.

You can send them a few lines from your script and ask them to send back a few “takes” for you to consider. Make sure you specify any particular words that need emphasis and include notes on how the actor should perform.

For example, if you are producing a video about financial services, you may ask them to perform differently than if they are recording an ad for an amusement park. The more direction you give the actor, the more successful the audition.

Set a Budget

Before you make the final decision on your voice actor, make sure you both understand the financial arrangements. Most voice actors and their agencies will post a sample rate sheet to help you determine who fits within your budget.

A very low rate may signal the actor is new and inexperienced. A talented actor in demand may garner a higher rate than you are expecting to pay. Be upfront with the budget you have to work with and make sure you set the price in your agreement.

Create a Vocal Brand

Finding the right voice over for advertisements doesn’t have to be complicated. Work with an established agency to find voices that match the tone of your message and the brand of your company. Hold auditions for candidates to record samples of your script so you can find the right fit, and make sure everyone agrees on a budget before you begin.

With a little patience, you will find the right voice actor for your project. In many cases, once a company finds a voice they like, they use the same actor repeatedly to establish a vocal brand identity.

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