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My name is Moufisto but you can call me Phoenix Moufisto

Well I bet you want to know a little more about me. My favorite texture pack would have to be All.. There are so many plugins to choose from but I would have to say my favorite plugin would be 800Craft / Limitless sky mod. As long as the servers I play on don't mind, my favorite mods are 800Craft.

While playing Minecraft it is inevitable that I'll make some friends and enemies ... but hopefully more friends. I would say the person who helped me the most through all my days playing is alecdent . I'm glad I made SOME friends though because it's people like Kevinsweijen that make me angry. I wouldn't be anywhere today if it wasn't for my hero and teacher Murps who taught me to be who I am now.

Among my travels in Minecraft I think my funniest moment is Better take this one off. :D.

Like anything else you have to take the good with the bad. The worst time for me would have to be OOooo better take this off too. :D

Even though Minecraft is a great game there are a few changes would do to Minecraft. Attachments to carts.. like.. build more ontop of carts.. idk. I know it'd be difficult to achieve for Notcheh, but yeah.. meh.

Personally here is a few details about me you may not have known. Too much to say, i went 5000 words over the limit. 500 is not enough, but i'll go with it. I am Moufisto, Griefscaper (this is, to landscape/liquidscape/snowscape/doubletone/shadowtone, in a seemingly grief-like fashion) And a bit of Gothica on the side. Loved and hated in many places, I make fights and i break fights, but i never forget the love.

edit 20/10/2018: Damn what the fuck was I an emo or something who gives a shit about all that lmao. Took some of it off. LOOK AT ALL THE EDGE I HAD. I cut myself looking at my profile pic so i changed that too. Hanging out at Builders Refuge now.

Well thanks for reading and be sure to rate my pictures and say hello.!

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