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My name is Minukelsus

Well I bet you want to know a little more about me. My favorite texture pack would have to be Norsecraft. There are so many plugins to choose from but I would have to say my favorite plugin would be Solar Apocalypse. As long as the servers I play on don't mind, my favorite mods are Dont know how to get mod.

While playing Minecraft it is inevitable that I'll make some friends and enemies ... but hopefully more friends. I would say the person who helped me the most through all my days playing is Robinseven7 . I'm glad I made SOME friends though because it's people like Q48VW that make me angry. I wouldn't be anywhere today if it wasn't for my hero and teacher Honeydew who taught me to be who I am now.

Like anything else you have to take the good with the bad. The worst time for me would have to be Ah, it was the time where i lost a girl in minecraft over a incident but now she's back so im happy again :3

Even though Minecraft is a great game there are a few changes would do to Minecraft. Hmm, nothing but i would like to add in some sea creatures other than squids. The sea can get very boring, you cross it or dive in it without any hazards. Some sea creatures like sharks that attack you on sights like bad mobs and jellyfish which act like land mines would be a very nice add on to minecraft. Also maybe some more flying enemes other than ghasts. We can easily avoid land mobs and some Aerial mobs would add to the challenge of survival making it more fun.

Personally here is a few details about me you may not have known. Hmm, well i never grief, steal or kill other players so everyone is safe around me. If in with a group and they do that then they can do that if they wish but i wont take part in it. When i come across a base then i will look around and look in chests. If they have something i want then i leave something good behind that could make up for what i take and leave a sign saying i was there and that im nice. Also a sign saying what i took if i needed anything. I always do my best to help others :3

I prefer girls to boys when it comes to having friends. When you do a nice thing or a great thing for a boy, they just say thanks or ok. But when you do that for a girl, she would say thank you so much :3 or thats so nice of you :D. You get a lot more praise for your hard work to please a friend from a girl then you do from a boy. Also their nice and a lot of the boys are mean. I've only met 1 mean girl before but no more than that yet. So all in all i prefer girls as friends. Their the best :3.

Well thanks for reading and be sure to rate my pictures and say hello.!

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