The goal of all businesses is to make a profit and create a customer base that loves your brand. They keep coming back for more because you’ve used B2C sales tactics that work and convert potential customers into brand ambassadors.

In digital marketing, business to customer sales is vastly different that business to business sales. They tend to be more emotional and connect with customers in a way that you wouldn’t with a business.

We’ll examine five B2C sales strategies that help you get conversions and develop a bond with customers that have your competitors shaking in their boots.

1. Know Your Customer

You have a product or service that connects with a segment of the population. Who are these people? Before creating any B2C sales process, you need to know who your customers are, so you create marketing that caters to them.

Many businesses create customer personas that detail the average customers that purchase their product or service. The detailed personas develop a picture such as a mid-western housewife in her 30’s with two children. It could be a 23-year-old single male making $55,000 a year in a white-collar job.

2. Focus on Mobile Marketing

The days of sitting at their desktop searching for products is over. People surf the Internet on their phones during lunch breaks and while lying in bed. If you want to get conversions, then you need to make your website and marketing materials stylized for mobile search.

Today’s tech-savvy customers want to download an app that lets them get you’re your products fast without searching on the web.

3. B2C Sales Begins with Engagement

Almost everyone has some type of social media. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or multiple others. People want to feel a connection to the brands they buy, and you can get this through interactions on social media.

Facebook ads and sponsored posts designed to interact with potential and existing customers are a great way to not increase likes, shares, and followers, but to become more than just a business to them.

4. Make Your Website A Sales Funnel

The core of your digital marketing strategy is your website. Most of your marketing is to get people to it. Once they’re there, the site must move them through the B2C sales funnel.

The site should encourage people to see other products and move them from the product pages to the shopping cart. User experience is an important part of turning visitors into conversions.

5. Retargeting Brings Customers Back

With so many options to choose from, many customers visit your site and leave to check out other sites or gain more information. Once they leave, retargeting ads will follow them to other sites and show your ads on them.

This keeps your company in front of mind and encourages them to come back and finish their shopping experience.

Make Customers Brand Ambassadors

The right B2C sales techniques can increase your revenue and turn potential customers into lifetime customers. Follow these sales strategies and watch your traffic climb and your conversions soar.

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