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My name is kakeron but you can call me Purple kakeron

Well I bet you want to know a little more about me. My favorite texture pack would have to be A'therys Ascended. There are so many plugins to choose from but I would have to say my favorite plugin would be MCmmo. As long as the servers I play on don't mind, my favorite mods are Aether.

While playing Minecraft it is inevitable that I'll make some friends and enemies ... but hopefully more friends. I wouldn't be anywhere today if it wasn't for my hero and teacher Herobrine who taught me to be who I am now.

Among my travels in Minecraft I think my funniest moment is I 'accidentally' blew up survival island :P.

Like anything else you have to take the good with the bad. The worst time for me would have to be While building my epic house of solitude I decided to go out and look for diamonds. I lost my way back (Thank you broken compass) and as I was raging I burnt down the forest. My 2 dogs whiskey and lord we all like "UMG LIGHT LEZ TUCH!" And died. And I only cried for 10 minutes.

Even though Minecraft is a great game there are a few changes would do to Minecraft. Maybe if they had an option to go back updates without having to download a mod. And get rid of the hunger bar.

Personally here is a few details about me you may not have known. I am known as Mr.Purple or kakeron. I have been to many faction servers later deducting that they aren't as fun without skype. I have no social life so you know...pretty normal. For the average minecraft player.

Skype: MrPurpleTheSavior Steam: Kakeron As you can tell I'm original :P

Well thanks for reading and be sure to rate my pictures and say hello.!

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