Women today manage work and home simultaneously. They do it in tandem. The hectic schedule often affects their health and fitness. Consequently, maintaining a balance between professional and personal life become a tad challenging for contemporary women. Therefore, staying fit and healthy is not easy going for them who are into a nine to five job. Today, many female corporate executives are dealing with fitness issues that take a toll on their health. These women are finding it difficult to stick to some fitness routine. 

Even if you are busy, take time out from your busy schedule, and work out. You can try simple exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, or sweating out at the gym. Ensure that your health and fitness do not suffer at the cost of work. 

Busy women do not get time to exercise for numerous reasons. They have to juggle between family, domestic chores, children, and their professional life. Consequently, women have little time to focus on their fitness. 

According to an article published on https://www.entrepreneur.com, corporate women can include a 15-minute workout schedule to stay in shape and healthy. She can start with some basic exercises that are easy and beneficial for her health. How? Here are some useful tips that women can adopt and say hello to health and fitness: 

Exercise is priority 

A little balance and adjustment in your daily routine can make much difference to your physical and mental health. Avoid sitting in one place for many hours. Even if you are working, take short, 5-minute breaks every hour at your work. Do some freehand exercises

Try some hand and leg stretching at work daily. If your office has a fitness center, there is nothing like it. Just walk around for five minutes every hour. You can always get back to work after these short breaks. 

Once you reach home after work, you can perform a 5-minute cardio exercise before dinner. Then head straight to your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. You can make your home a gym and try some daily workouts with ease. It is not necessary to join an expensive gym. 

Go for morning walks every day 

Go for jogging or morning walks daily before you commute to your office. You can go alone or with your partner. Walking your dog is also a good exercise. Morning walk is extremely beneficial to burn excess calories without much effort. It is a simple exercise to try daily. 

Once you reach the office, take the steps instead of the elevator. Increase your steps gradually when taking the stairs. Climbing a few steps and then taking the elevator will not do you much good. It is a simple exercise and does not take much of your time. These little things matter a lot for working women like you who want to stay fit and in shape. 

Eat healthy 

Healthy eating is healthy living. Keep watch on your caffeine consumption at work. If you take too many cups of coffee or tea, it dehydrates your body fast. Make sure you pack healthy snacks from your place to your work. Avoid eating junk food like cheese-dripping pizzas and burgers in the office. Unhealthy eating also affects your skin health and the areas surrounding your breasts. Wear the right bra to keep your breasts in shape. You can look up platforms like BabeAppeal or similar ones. 

Include fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, and water in your daily meals. Include items that have loads of minerals and vitamins. Avoid calorie foods at all cost. Eat a nutritious meal to power your muscles before exercising. 

Flexibility is the key to fitness 

When you start some new exercise, make sure you stick to the same for at least two weeks. It is essential to get into the routine. Then, sometimes you miss out your workout. You should be a little flexible at such times to make up for the exercise that you have missed. For example, if you have an early morning conference call at the office, it will affect your morning workout schedule. You can start a little early from home, do some cardio at the gym, and then join your office meeting. 

Avoid stressing your body and mind by sticking to a rigid timetable. Be flexible, exercise, and relax when you can. 

Stay hydrated 

Drink enough glasses of water daily to ensure the proper functioning of your body. Drink a glass of water at periodic intervals all through the day. Avoid dehydrating yourself though. You can drink fruit juices to keep you hydrated. Do not drink artificial juices available in packs. For best results, carry your fruit juice from home or make juice in your office pantry. These health and fitness hacks matter to you. 

Keep watch on your progress

Make sure you prepare a report of your workout and fitness routine. If you see that you have lost considerable weight, it will motivate you to stick to your exercises. Mark in green whenever you make some progress and red when you fail to achieve something. 

Follow this report daily. A fitness report will improve your physical and mental health in the days to come. Additionally, you can use fitness and weight loss apps. These tools help you watch your progress and get valuable feedback from the other users as well. 

Sleep soundly at night 

When you have a hectic nine to five schedule, you need at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily. It will help in boosting your immunity, improve your mood, and de-stress you so that you can wake up refreshed in the morning to brave the challenges of a new day. Skipping sleep or sleeping for four hours regularly will affect your physical and mental health. 

Besides, poor sleeping habits would also affect your productivity at work. Therefore, avoid reducing your sleep time at night. You can use some essential oils such as lavender and rub them on your skin for a sound, peaceful sleep at night. 


Now that you have these tips handy, implement them to stay fit. It will improve your work-life balance. Find time for exercise and self-care.

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