We are bombarded with so many adverts that say they can reduce or eliminate wrinkles, help you grow thicker hair and miracle pills or diets that will help you drop weight pronto! It is hard to separate the various products and to find out which ones actually work. As a result, we have put together a one time guide you can glance over that if followed, will 100% help you slow down the common traits involved with ageing.

I quick side note here before we get into our key points, and that is this. The only way you are going to succeed in reducing the signs of ageing is effort!


Yes, we are starting with the most obvious and boring solution of all. Now, this does not mean you have to go out there and play 90 minutes of soccer or smash the Olympic 100-meter sprint world record. If you truly want to slow down the common traits involved with ageing, then you need to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine.

In fact, you don’t even have to exercise daily. If you play a game of tennis, go on a 10 to 20 Kilometer bike ride, or you do happen to play that 90 mins of soccer, then you get to rest the next day. You even get to eat a little more too because you burn off calories but make sure you eat the right foods.


Again yes! The second most obvious point and extremely boring. You do not need to fork out tons of cash on cosmetics if you are already eating properly combined with exercise. It really isn’t that difficult to eat the right foods or at least change a bad diet.

This is your challenge to eat better. Think about one bad habit you have per day when eating. Now find 3 or 4 healthy foods to replace that bad habit. After 2 weeks, you will have kicked the habit. The important thing here is to make sure you choose 3 or 4 healthy foods otherwise you will get bored and could end up falling back into your old bad eating habits.


Getting enough sleep has always been the key to staying young-looking and fresh. The issue is that in our busy work schedules we do not often get to sleep as much as we like. A newborn baby, a tough work schedule, fitting in exercise, and entertaining family can all reduce the amount of time you have available to actually get in a good night’s sleep.

For those of you that have an excuse for not sleeping as much as you should, try cat napping at least twice a day for 30 to 40 minutes. If you can get more in, then great. Take the train instead of driving if you can and use that time to sleep if possible. Get home and spend 30 minutes of catnapping before exercising or entertaining the family. In short, look for cat nap opportunities because it will make the world of difference.

Cosmetics, Supplements, and Anti-Aging Products

All these products will work much better if you really take steps 1 to 3 seriously. Moisturizing is something we should all do to slow down the aging of the skin. The issue here is that you need to be absolutely sure you have the right product. As a result, you should make sure you visit an expert in this field to advise you on your skin type and the right type of moisturizer to use.

For things such as hair loss, Foltina Plus is arguably the only product out there that works. Add this product with exercise, an improved diet, and improving your sleep and then using moisturizer and Foltina Plus all mixed together will greatly improve your looks.

Other products you should consider including into your daily routine are supplements. Once again, as with moisturizer, you will need to make sure that you use the correct products. Most of the time cod live oil and things such as turmeric and black pepper are your best bet. Powders and pills are generally useless and have very little benefit, so you are probably wasting your money.

Where Should You Start?

The best place to begin is exercise. This is where most people fall short of being healthy and reducing the signs of ageing. Slowly as you exercise your heart rate will improve, you will start to sleep better, and you will actually have more energy despite expending energy to exercise. However, to get to this stage will take patients so will need to make sure you have lined up a reasonable sleep routine.

Next, your diet can easily be improved. You just need to set a date and time and go for it. It is actually easier than exercising because changing your diet should not take much time out of your schedule, and you do not have to give up eating.

Sleep is a tough one. It is easy to tell everyone to get enough sleep, however, for some people the facts of life are that getting enough sleep is a luxury. Just try your best to find times to rest and get those cat naps.

Lastly, start to plan the cosmetics and supplements you need to use. For men, this is usually products to prevent hair loss because this is where men suffer the most. Loss of hair usually makes a man look far older than his actual age whereas men generally get away with skin issues, which is arguably down to the fact most men shave helping to exfoliate. For women and men, moisturizer is also a must, so book that appointment with a specialist to make sure you get the right products for you.

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