It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate in 2020, as 61 percent of companies are slated to rely more on remote work in the future.

This begs the question: what are the most relevant IT trends that companies need to look out for to stay ahead of the game?

The answer lies in a greater emphasis on cloud computing, AI engineering, cybersecurity, and more. In this article, we’ll be outlining the most relevant IT strategies to help your company prepare the most effective business strategies going into 2021.

Digital First

With COVID-19 placing a greater emphasis on telework, companies must prioritize a “digital-first” mindset for their employees.

Ensuring safety by reducing the amount of physical contact is quickly becoming a top priority around the world.

This means greater investment in technology that allows businesses to be accessed and enabled from anywhere. Remote work will be prioritized and physical shops or spaces should be digitally enhanced to limit contact.

5G Going Mainstream

More telework, video conferencing, and digital communication mean people need improved bandwidth and reliable connectivity. This is why 5G is likely going to be a top IT trend in 2021.

As companies rely more on tablets, phones, and laptops to carry out key meetings and other business matters, getting dropped during a call or Zoom conference just isn’t an option.

China has already pushed for 5G deployment, and the U.S. is following suit. Be on the lookout for wider 5G availability.

Bolstered Cybersecurity

An under-discussed issue that’s come to light during the pandemic is the rise in cyberattacks. There’s been a 238% increase in attacks on banks and a 600% increase on cloud servers.

This greater vulnerability will likely push software, hardware, and cloud makers to bolster their security features to protect their buyers from unwanted attacks. Improved cybersecurity strategies by companies will likely be a key IT trend as companies continue to rely on telework and digital communication.

Advanced AI

Artificial intelligence projects often face challenges due to issues with scalability, maintenance, and governance. Companies will need more reliable AI to properly run their digital business management systems in the future.

As such, advanced AI engineering is projected to be another IT trend going into 2021. Strategies focusing on performance, scalability, and reliability will allow companies to get full value out of their AI programs.

Proliferation Of Cloud

More remote work means distances between each company employee is greater than ever. When managing a public cloud, this not only causes latency issues but also increases the cost of data.

Strategies like distributed cloud allow cloud services to be accessed in different locations while a public cloud provider is still responsible for its operation and governance.

More robust cloud services are looking to be another key IT trend going into 2021. Investing in a new IT company might be worthwhile for companies looking to bolster their cloud capabilities.

As we head into 2021, there’s no doubt that companies will rely more and more on technology to carry out daily tasks. Use this article to identify the most relevant IT trends and incorporate those elements into your overall business strategy.

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