The Child Protective Services or CPS is a group that works to promote the safety of children. The main goal of this agency is to ensure the safety of children, attaining permanency, and supporting families to take proper care of their kids.

The work pattern of Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services isn’t a singular thing. It consists of many public and private organizations. Many agencies from different communities work together to support families and keep their children safe. Public agencies like family & child services and departments of social services frequently join forces with private and community-based organizations to achieve their goal. Together they provide services like family protection, residential treatment, foster care, mental health care, financial assistance or housing aid, etc.

The work pattern of Child welfare services varies widely by state. A brief overview of their functions and purpose are given below.

  • Child Protective Services investigates the received reports of possible child abuse.
  • They help families who need help regarding the protection of their kids.
  • They organize foster families for kids who have security issues in their homes.
  • They arrange independent living services or adoptive homes for children who leave foster care.

How can one get help from Child Protective Services?.

The Child Protective Services identifies, treats, and prevents child negligence and abuse. If you think someone is getting abused or likely to be abused, just report that to your hotline number. Child Protective Services will take care of the rest.

Difference between the Child Protective Services and the Child Protection System

People often get confused between Child Protective Services and the Child Protection System. Though they are created for the same purpose- protection of the children, there are differences between them.

The Child Protective Services helps both the children and their families in cases of negligence and abuse. They follow the path of protecting children from all kinds of abuse through general prevention services like family support, education, health, recreation, and treatment services.

On the other hand, the Child Protection System uses law, standards, policies, guidelines, and procedures to defend children from intentional and accidental harm. The Child protection system works from behind and maintains the legal ground. So, the police and social workers can identify and protect children who might have been harmed or likely be harmed.

Both the Child protective Services and the Child Protection System work to save children from any kind of abuse, they have differences in their method. One uses general prevention services where the other one maintains the legal ground.

Child Protective Services around the world

Child Protective Services is very active in every state of the US. They provide great care and support to all the families that need them. A fine example of this organization is the Child Protective Services Tulsa Oklahoma.

Like the US, other countries have their version of Child Protective Services. In England, they have the “Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service”. In Costa Rica, they call it the “Patronato Nacional de la Infancia”. And in Brazil, they have the “National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents”. Despite the differences in their name, they all serve the same purpose.


In today’s harsh world, children are often getting neglected and abused. They are getting abused even in their own houses! This kind of monstrosity is unexpected and unacceptable. So, Organizations like Child Protective Services should be available everywhere to keep the children safe and sound.

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