Are you a proud homeowner, but find yourself dreaming of a change of scenery? Perhaps the allure of an urban lifestyle or the convenience of a temporary relocation beckons you. If you’re wondering, “Can you rent an apartment if you own a home?” the answer might surprise you.

Contrary to popular belief, being a homeowner doesn’t disqualify you from renting an apartment. In fact, many homeowners explore the flexibility and freedom that apartment living offers. So, let’s dive into the possibilities and discover how you can make the best of both worlds!

Reasons Why People Rent Apartments While Owning a Home

Additional Space

Temporary Relocation

Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns. For example, a job transfer or an extended vacation may require a temporary relocation. Renting an apartment provides a flexible solution for housing during these temporary stints, while you maintain ownership of your home.

Supplementing Income

Financial strategy is a common reason for this housing dance. Owners might choose to rent an apartment and lease out their property, turning it into a source of supplemental income. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too!

Need for Additional Space

At times, the need for additional space – perhaps a studio for your art or an office for your startup – might prompt homeowners to rent an apartment while keeping their home.

Property Investment

Another reason is property investment. Some homeowners rent an apartment to live in, while their property appreciates in value, hoping for a higher future return.

Factors to Consider When Renting an Apartment While Owning a Home

Landlord Policies

Before stepping onto this dance floor, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications. Local laws about property leasing should be thoroughly reviewed to avoid legal missteps.

Financial Implications

Double housing means double financial responsibility. Owners need to consider the financial implications, from the cost of renting to maintenance expenses for their owned property.

Homeowner’s Association Rules

Homeowner’s Association rules could also affect your decision. Some associations have strict rules about property rental, so it’s wise to check the fine print.

Landlord Policies

Lastly, landlord policies should be understood and considered. Some landlords may have restrictions that could impact your ability to rent while owning a home.

Tax Implications

Embarking on a new adventure in your financial journey can be thrilling! If you own a home and are considering switching things up by renting an apartment, you’re stepping into a unique set of tax considerations. The question, “Can you rent an apartment if you own a home?” is met with a definite yes!

While rental income from your home may increase your earnings, there are tax implications to remember. On the brighter side, expenses like mortgage interest, property taxes, and maintenance costs might be deductible. Navigating these changes can be complex, so touching base with a tax professional is always a smart move. Enjoy the journey!

Benefits of Renting an Apartment While Owning a Home


Additional Income

Imagine dancing to the rhythm of an extra income stream! Renting out your owned property can generate a substantial monthly income, helping to offset the cost of your apartment rental or even creating a tidy profit.


Renting offers flexibility. Whether it’s an unexpected job relocation or the desire to experience a new neighborhood, renting allows you to adapt quickly to life’s changing beats.

Testing A New Area

Ever thought of test-driving a neighborhood? Renting an apartment in a new area gives you the unique opportunity to experience the locale before making a long-term commitment.

Drawbacks Of Renting An Apartment While Owning a Home

Risk of Damage

Additional Expenses

While the prospect of additional income is enticing, don’t overlook the potential for added costs. From maintenance expenses for your owned property to unexpected repairs, the financial dance of renting and owning can sometimes hit a sour note.


Being a landlord isn’t a waltz in the park. Dealing with property maintenance, tenant issues, and regulatory compliance can be time-consuming, adding a challenging twist to your dance routine.

Risk Of Damage

Finally, there’s the risk of property damage. Even with the most careful tenants, wear and tear or unforeseen damage can occur, leading to repair costs and potential devaluation of your property.


1. Can I Rent Out My Primary Residence While I’m Living There?

Absolutely! Many homeowners choose to rent out a part of their primary residence, such as a room or a basement suite, while they continue to live there. This is often a great way to generate extra income. However, make sure to check your local regulations as some areas have specific rules about renting out portions of your primary residence.

2. Will Renting Out An Apartment Affect My Mortgage?

Generally, renting out an apartment you own won’t directly affect your mortgage. However, if you’re buying a property with the intention to rent it out, this could influence the type of mortgage you’re eligible for and the interest rate you’re offered. Always consult with a mortgage professional or financial advisor to understand the full implications.

3. How Do I Find A Reliable Tenant For My Apartment?

Finding a reliable tenant is like finding a dance partner that matches your rhythm. Begin by advertising your property on trustworthy platforms. Then, conduct a thorough screening process which includes credit checks, reference checks, and employment verification. Clear communication about expectations and rules can also go a long way in ensuring a harmonious relationship with your tenant.


There you have it! The intricate dance of renting an apartment while owning a home, with its unique steps and twirls, unraveled. Whether you’re swaying towards this arrangement for extra income, flexibility, or to try out a new neighborhood, the key is staying in rhythm with your needs and responsibilities.

Remember, every dance has its challenges, but with understanding and a well-choreographed plan, you can make this housing shuffle work for you. Now, it’s your turn to take the floor. Happy dancing!

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