VIP status seperates the sheep from the Endermen. Donate 5$ USD and earn these great features
Front Page Feature
VIP's get their face front page of minebook so other travellers are sure to see your cool profile.
Custom background
Tired of the same background on everyone's profile? Set your own custom backgrounds for your profile picture or your page.
Custom name
Spice up that boring Minecraft username of yours! Add colors and custom prefixes to make yours stand out over the others
Full bodied profile picture
Tired of being a sheep in your profile picture? Upgrade now and we'll make your Minecraft skin a full bodied 2D model which updates automatically!
Unlimited image uploads
Got so many great creations but reached your limit for photo uploads? VIP members are allowed to upload as many photos as they want!
Recognize you're the boss with unique profile badges. You'll have everyone wondering 'Why are you a diamond miner and not me?'
Future VIP services
From Alpha to the final release you'll get all VIP services that we release. This one time payment will have you winning forever!
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