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Since minebook is still very young and always changing, we're always open to suggestions.
At the same time we maintain our strict policies on bans and VIP privileges. Got a problem? Contact us below.
Minebook Staff
Want to get in contact with the Minebook staff without having to email? Click 'Help' at the top and see who is online!
Suggestions and Bugs
Listed first because this is the most important. What do you want to see? What's broken? Tell us! Who knows, maybe your idea will get you VIP status! contact(@t)minebook.me
There are a number of reasons we ban. Harassment, inappropriate photos, or just not being a good miner. Want to appeal? We look at all requests but VIP users might need to reapply contact(@t)minebook.me
Have a question about VIP? Donated but not promoted? We'll be glad to help contact(@t)minebook.me
In an effort to promote the Minecraft atmosphere everything in our site is Minecraft related; from the font to the user login. Our competitions are no exception. Submit your entries on our Facebook wall and using the options button on every photo. contact(@t)minebook.me
Partnerships and API requests
Some may call minebook rogue; we do the best with what we have. On that note, we're looking for API partnerships. If you have any API you think would be helpful, let us know! Server stats, player counts, authentication (we're looking at you Mojang) and anything else you think would be a great addition let us know! We'll make it worth your while contact(@t)minebook.me
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If you have a large server, 20+ people, please contact us contact(@t)minebook.me
Everything else
If you've read the FAQ and tried to contact staff but still need more help, feel free to ask! contact(@t)minebook.me
Minebook was not created by Mojang. By using Minebook you must agree to our TOS.
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