For too long the Minecraft community been distant and separated.
For too long griefers jump across servers wrecking havoc on an honest day's work.
For too long PVP'ers go unrecognized for their valiant battle against the enemy.
For too long your buildings have been lost after server resets.
Minebook was created in an effort to merge the vast amount of servers and players across the Minecraft community. Here are some of the features available
Instant Access
If you have a Minecraft.net account you already have access to Minebook. Since everyone gets one Minebook account if you spam, hate, or abuse anyone you'll be banned and lose access to all future features.
Profile Picture
Once you log in for the first time your Minecraft skin is used to represent your account.
Search Anyone
Search across the entire Minecraft system for any player as long as they've bought a copy of Minecraft.
Add all your Minecraft screenshots to your Minebook account. Your images will be saved forever and will eventually be shared among all your favorite partner websites.
Server History
Want to keep track of which servers rock and which sock? Add, link and comment on all your favorite and despised worlds..
Minebook features a unique commenting system allowing other miners to write a few words about you or just say hello.
GRIEFERS BEWARE! No one will want to play with you if you're a known griefer.
Player Rating and Experience
Love or hate a player, it doesn't matter. Rate them and change their Minebook experience which helps seperate the good from the bad
Minebook was not created by Mojang. By using Minebook you must agree to our TOS.
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