Did you know that only 46 percent of small businesses in America have an online presence? This statistic is worrying because digital marketing is becoming a necessity for the survival of all businesses. This is especially true in the time of COVID-19.

With many people shopping online, it’s more crucial than ever to take advantage of marketing strategy basics. Are you wondering what you need to know?

Keep reading to learn all about the basics of marketing strategy.

Become an Authority

When it comes to the basics of marketing, it’s important to establish yourself as an authority. That way, your brand will be one of the most trusted among all the other brands.

One of the best ways to do this is by publishing a well-researched blog on your website. The blog posts should be as high-quality as possible. In addition, you should post on a regular basis.

Optimizing your blog with SEO will allow more traffic to be directed to your site. Plus, when you share these posts on social media, your brand will start to be associated with expertise and reliability.

Be Active in Your Community

Another way to reach your audience is by having a presence in your community. While there are plenty of ways to do this outside of the internet, you can even be active through social media.

For example, town and local chapters often have their own Facebook groups, pages, and more. This is an opportunity to interact with your fellow community members in a productive way.

Engage with Potential Customers

Interacting with potential customers online is one of the most important marketing basics. People enjoy a business that has a personality rather than dealing with a cold, robotic corporation.

By replying to people’s comments on your posts, thanking customers for reviews they leave, and more, you can demonstrate that your business is warm and welcoming.

Offer Incentives

Simply put, people love deals and free stuff. You can offer incentives online that will get people to try your products, subscribe to your newsletter, and more.

A buy-one-get-one-free coupon is always a good idea. Another way you can attract more customers is by offering free ebooks, webinar videos, or product samples. The possibilities are almost endless.

Analyze Your Success

When considering marketing research basics, you should always be aware of the impact your efforts are having. You’ll be glad to know that social media sites like Facebook offer all kinds of free analytics.

Even if you decide to spend money on an Instagram ad, for instance, you’ll be given an analysis of the ad’s performance in real-time. It’s important to use all of this information to fine-tune your strategy for maximum results.

Ready to Master the Basics of Marketing Strategy?

Now that you’ve learned all about the basics of marketing strategy, you’re ready to boost the success of your brand.

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