Tourism is worth about $1.7 trillion a year. People love a good vacation, whether it’s to Europe or a stunning deserted island in the South Pacific.

Trying to plan an island getaway? Here are six tips that can help you save money for travel. With these tips, you won’t have to worry about going broke before your vacation.

Start saving instead of overspending with these tips

1. Search for Freebies

The first step to consider if you want to save money for travel is to do some research. Before you head out, head online. Researching before you go can help you save money but still plan a good time!

Try to look for free activities in the area you’re visiting. You can start by looking for community calendars for upcoming events.

How do people spend their time in the South Pacific? For example, you can visit The Habitat Penang, which is located on the edge of a 130-million-year-old virgin rainforest!

Searching for freebies will help you discover how to save for vacation and still have a blast.

2. Create a Budget

Before you head out for your island escape to the South Pacific, set a budget. Saving for a trip is a lot easier when you know how much you can spend.

Once you make your budget, stick to it. Take the time to segment your budget for different areas, too. For example, you can separate your budget between:

  • Activities/entertainment
  • Food
  • Travel

Establishing a budget before you fly out will help you save money for travel expenses. As a result, you can avoid overspending and stressing during your island escape.

3. Use Cash

Once you set your budget, grab some cash.

As you spend money, you’ll see your cash physically disappear. Having visual proof of how much you’re spending can help you save instead of overspend.

4. Fly With Flexibility

During the holidays, an estimated 115 million Americans travel by car, plane, and train. If you plan on flying to a deserted island this year, your ticket will likely become your greatest expense.

Take the time to consider how much you’re willing to spend on flights.

Check different dates and plan your vacation around the cheapest flights available. You can also save by paying for a long layover.

5. Make Extra Pocket Cash

There are a few ways you can make extra pocket cash before your trip.

First, cut back on Starbucks during the months before your trip. Instead, make your own latte at home! Dine in, too.

You can also cut back on monthly subscriptions for a bit.

Then, put all the money you save into a separate bank account for the trip.

6. Plan Your Meals

Instead of eating out during your vacation, plan meals ahead of time. Make a list of affordable food options. Find a local farmer’s market for healthy snacks.

Planning your meals will help you avoid overspending during your trip.

Save Money for Travel Plans: 6 Tips for Sweet Savings

Save money for travel plans and make the most of your vacation. With these tips, saving is easy! Plan the perfect trip with these tips.

Searching for more ways to save? Check out the Finance section of the blog today.

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