If you run a startup tech business or other type of business then one thing you should have on your business strategy is to attend a really good startup conference to give you some valuable insight and guidance. As well as learning from experienced and successful professionals in your industry, you can network and make some very important connections to help build your business.

Here are some of the best startup conferences taking place in the US in 2020 for you to choose from:

Startup Grind from Google for Entrepreneurs (Feb 11&12)

Silicon Valley

With Google being one of the most dominant and powerful tech companies in the world, this is an obvious one to pick to attend. It features a long list of guest speakers from the most successful recent startup businesses, as well as sessions such as AI, recruitment, customer experience, mobile apps and many more key aspects that are pertinent to modern businesses.

Social Media Marketing World (March 1-3)

San Diego Convention Center

For startups that are providing social media marketing services, the ultimate conference in US this year is the Social Media Marketing World. Involving speakers from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, the conference aims to help marketing professionals learn everything they need to know about social media techniques and how to successfully implement them. There are some powerful workshops taking place too, including copywriting, traffic conversion, digital marketing plans and AI.

Adobe Summit (March 29 – April 2)

Las Vegas

This event is massive and incorporates sessions and speakers tailored to several industries including High Tech, Media and Entertainment and Retail and E-commerce. With speakers from Adobe and other global brands, there will be lots of insight into industry trends and how to make your startup a success. What makes this one slightly different to the others is that it is heavily learning based and includes certification.

Think (May 4-7)

San Francisco

IBM’s Think conference is a popular conference for startup owners to learn from the experts of the tech world. This year’s topics include blockchain, automation, cloud, Data, Code, and AI, HR and talent, IoT, infrastructure, security, mobile, services as well as supply chain. So, as you can see the key areas that will help you to build and grow your business will be included in this event in San Francisco.

MozCon (July 6-8)


SEO giants Moz present this search engine optimization focused event that covers analytics, mobile landscape, SEO and growth marketing as well as speakers providing advice and sessions that will give you a head start with your business by learning everything there is to know about search marketing.

Traveling to the US

If you’re thinking of traveling to the USA to attend any of these events, you should be aware that you will require travel authorization if you are not a US citizen. If you’re from a country that’s within the Visa Waiver Program, then you’ll be required to file an application for ESTA to attend business conferences in the US. This is a much simpler and quicker route than applying for a US visa, you simply require to complete an online application form for ESTA.

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