Every customer wishes to get more information about a specific product before making a purchasing decision. Thus, if you own an online jewelry shop, you need to provide more visual information to stimulate your store’s shopping experience.

In e-commerce, the customers lack the touch and feel of your products. But how will selling online enhance the purchasing decisions? The use of videos and photos will allow customers to interact with your jewelry by the use of a laptop or smartphone. Nevertheless, taking high-quality images and videos is becoming a challenge for many online merchants. Good news! The 360 jewelry photography is recently gaining traction. It helps business owners establish trust and customer confidence. When a customer visits your website and finds out that you are letting him/her control every angle of your products, they will feel that you are not hiding something from them.

There are two types of video content that will help you stand out from the crowd. However, it is challenging to know the one that will fit your online jewelry shop.

Let’s view some of their differences to allow you to choose one that will increase competition

1. 360-degrees video

360-degrees video is an immersive type of video content that enables people to capture a certain product from every direction simultaneously, giving an immersive, virtual expression. It does not only benefit the filmmakers but also the viewers. The viewers are able to look around the camera without limits. This gives them control of what they want to see.


  • Viewers can watch the 360 videos on both computers and mobile devices.
  • It provides unlimited possibilities for the viewers. With this, customers can connect with the content in a meaningful way.
  • It produces real-life images.
  • Users get the freedom to rotate the images to the angle they want.


  • Photos tend to be of much higher resolution.

2. 360-degrees virtual photography

360-degrees virtual photography is the art of capturing wide-angle panoramic photos, generally composing a 360-degrees spherical view. Virtual photography combines the 360-degrees video with 3-D for an excellent experience.


  • It makes the user feel that they experience real jewelry. 360-degrees virtual videos allow the user to view the whole product.
  • It uses only a headset. With this, the user can see and experience the jewelry by the use of the mobile, computer, or a laptop.
  • The filmmaker has control over the videos and images which can enhance the loading speed of the website.
  • Create photos and videos with the help of software programs, thus focusing on quality.


  • It takes a lot of time to capture and create high-quality videos and images.


When watching a 360-degrees video, the user can move either left to right, top to bottom to have a clear view. On the other hand, in 360-degrees virtual photography, the user gets a limited option. Instead of looking around, he/she can move around to interact with the images.

In virtual photography, videos and photos are created digitally with the help of computers and software programs. But the 360-degrees videos capture real-life images.

When it comes to content creation, virtual photography is far more in-depth than the 360-degrees video. Since 360 degrees relies on real life, the filmmaker doesn’t have control over what the customer sees.

Final thoughts

Both the 360-degrees video and 360-degrees virtual photography are great for online jewelry shop. However, if you are willing to have an excellent jewelry videography session, you can consider the 360-degrees virtual photography. It has more in-depth technology that will allow you to enhance your brand identity.

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